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meet my family...


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i came across this article in an album my grandmother had lovingly put together, full of newspaper clippings about the family. you know, weddings, obituaries, letters to the editor, misc. 15 seconds of fame, etc. by the time i neared the end of this article, i was in tears i was laughing so hard. :: i now introduce my mom's first cousin:


and ya wonder about the *five feet of fury* & i.... ;) haha

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"He said the fact that he was stopped so many times [30 times!!?] by police across Canada proved that they did not believe it to be a police car."

HA!!! Your cousin seems like such a funny guy! Is he around these days? I'd like to meet him.

And I like the fact that they omit to mention the light bar and lights on the car until the end of the article.

That's a funny article. ::

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hahahaha, thanks guys... yeah, get-togethers with that side of the family are always side-splitting good times...everyone from my grandparents right down to my youngest cousins has the same warped & bratty sense of humour. there's always a LOT of laughing going on. (backbacon, you're gonna fit right in at christmas :D haha)

i like how the reporter who wrote that article presented the facts... you can almost hear them laughing through it. ::

guigsy!!! that article about your parents sounds hilarious!!! you should scan it in & post it. i love how your mom has it tucked safely away with other tokens & valuable momentos... that's fricken funny. ::

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