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Yes - 08/30/04 - JLC - London, ON


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What a great show! They came right out in full force with 'The Final Countdown!' What an opener!

Other highlights were the beautiful 'Dust in the Wind' and 'Wheels in the Sky' that were played during the acoustic interlude mid-set and the set-ending 'Come Sail Away, ' which had each and every prog-rocker in the audience on their feet, pumping their fists in unison!

The icing on the cake was definitely the 'Goodbye Stranger' encore! What a timeless voice that Jon Anderson posesses! I really hope it's not another 35 years before Yes decides to make their return trip to London!

Ummm, okay, seriously now, none of that really happened, but it was a great show! I don't know much about the band or much of their music, besides the obvious, but I was treated to about two hours and 15 minutes of great musicianship by these progressive rock gods! Very enjoyable, indeed! I got lost countless times in the jams. I was really taken on a winding journey within my head a few times. I would definitely go see them again.

Dream Theater was good too. Again, great jamming, with spells of Euro-fantastic mythological synth-rocky sappy lyric-lead song structured parts, eventually fusing back into the good stuff!

And an extra bonus to the evening was, as we entered the John Labatt Center, learning that, due to poor attendance, the upper bowl was closed and our tickets were to be exchanged for lower bowl seats! Good deal! Too bad there wasn't more interest in the show, however. That probably seals the deal on Yes never returning to London. Also, being able to walk back to the car during the break between Dream Theater and Yes was nice; affording us the opportunity to get extra prepared to rock out to Yes!

A great Monday night out in London town... another one for the books!


click for a few more pictures of Yes...

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That was such a great show, although it was pretty much a condensed version of what I seen at the ACC 6 months ago...I enjoyed JLC as a venue so much more...the ACC is way to huge....we got there late, parked right across the street, didn't see a single scalper, so we went to the box office to see what they had left, we ended up with amazing seats, and we only payed $59 there was a higher price tier that was $69.

I've seen Yes about 6 times now, and I think that was in my top two, and both of those were spontaneous, worry about tickets when we get there adventures.

Dream Theater rocked too, I seen them about 5 or 6 years ago at the warehouse, good to watched them again, I've kind of been out of that scene for awhile I guess, I used to listen to them alot in the late nineties......

...I hope to see lots more shows at the John Labbat Centre

I too took some pics....








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