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Being There


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This film (IMO, Peter Sellers greatest body of work) was playing on late-night satellite this evening, and for the first time (again!), I heard where Phish 'borrowed' the 'jammy' version of 2001 from!!

I searched the 'Net to see if I could find the original artist with no success. Does anyone know who it was that made this song a gem? It sounds like Herbie Hancock's Headhunters, but I'm pretty sure it isn't.

What a brilliant movie... and WOW!!! That original funky Also Sprach Zarathrustra is amazing... what a genius of an ear to recognize the jamming potential of that tune.

Trivia time?


ps. If you haven't seen Being There... do. ;)

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Being There is a great movie, but Seller's best work is in Dr. Strangelove. He ain't too shabby in Lolita either.

The Pink Panther series is one of the funniest set of movies ever. I don't love the original or The Revenge, but A Shot In The Dark, Strikes Again and The Return are as funny as comedies get.

Seller's was one of the greatest actors of all time.

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I agree with tube, deodato's version with the horns is very funky...I've liked hearing Phish do it when I have, but deodato's is the definitive funk arrangement of that song--also does a version of Peter Gunn theme that's pretty good.

I'm in agreement with ahess, my favourite Seller's movie is the party :) birdy num num.

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That film turned me onto Eumir Deodato a few years ago. From what I've been able to find, he's a south american jazz and samba pianist turned funk orchestrator. He reworked a number of classical (and classic) tunes back in the 70s era, some sound cool, some kinda wanky (I'm not the biggest fan of the guitarist, but his rhodes work is great). He's got some great horn lines in his version of the Moody Blues' (K?)Nights in White Satin and I like how he arranges the strings/rhodes in Ravel's Pavane for a Dead Princess.

Now I think he's still working as an arranger. Last I heard, he was doing string arrangements for Björk.

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