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hey? where'd everyone go?


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well, i had 3 things working against me, and keeping me here this weekend... evolve, cuz i took a couple extra days off work... so, having to work... and because i couldnt go to the family reunion that was also happening this weekend, i was designated dog sitter. there's a couple bands at call the office tonite, but i was mainly interested in the opener... might still be able to catch 'em but i doubt it... besides i got people coming in from out of town tomorrow, so i might save it... i still gotta work all weekend for fu©k sakes.

ahh, del, that reminds me... haha.. wait till ya see this...

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just got in from van morrison. good show, a little short but expected. the music was too quiet and didnt drown out the grumpy fans as people filed in. otherwise i had a fantastic time, and enjoyed all the music.

thinkin' about heading up to ctmf right now. gator, if you're sitting at home and still have that extra ticket, i wouldnt mind grabbing it off ya. im gonna pack my stuff. cheers. call me if ya like 8856094.

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