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Six City Drug Bust


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sorry zero, no info but...

what's the thing with coke (and all the other crap) now? I mean, have I just been so oblivious to it for so long, or has it peaked again?

Honestly, I'm starting to get 'spooked' by what's on the table every weekend. Was it always there in a hidden room and people are just getting (for lack of a better word) cocky about it now? Or is it just flaring up now?



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I think it's probably always been here but it is more prevalent. A few things account for the surplus though. You know with the border really clamped down post 9/11 opportunities have been created for crime syndicates. High grade hydro is traded to the states at a 2:1 ratio for cocaine which is hard to imagine given their street values. Organizations like the Hells Angels are just cleaning up and flooding the market and someone has to push it and it ends up being younger and younger people unfortunately.

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It disturbs me. And I don't know how to approach it, or if to approach it all.

It just seems like I sit back and watch it all go downhill. And I guess sometimes I feel like I feed it by going to these parties and laughing with these people. But I love them and I want to have fun with them, but how do I tell them that they're breaking my heart without preaching to them?

dear abby...

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coke,E,mda,crystal,herion,tobacco or alcohol...(alcohol causing the most deaths)

All have always been in the scene,probally always will be.I know I've seen all of it for years in this scene,just a matter of time before it became the "in" thing,just like E.

As far I as I can see the only difference now with the white,H,E,MDA is the price,all of it is cheaper so more people buy it.A bit more acceptance to,seems like no one has much a problem with anything these days.

As for the bust....yeah I heard some sh!t went down to,I've been sorta expecting a phone call for bail money actually,fortunatley I haven't recieved it...yet...

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They (the law) are welcome to come to my house and do their best to try get anything on me other then my 3ft hookah...first they gotta prove I wrote this... ::

Myself,I moved to the "cleaner" buzz now anyway,zoomers,herb & booze/beer. The rest has become really sorta boring to me now-a-days,same sh!t different day it seems...

but what about when people are going for the mix?

Anyone can research the heck out of a certain drug, but how much documentation is there on combos?

Apparently not alot,except for personal testimonials.



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well i don't know you and you don't know me.

i might be a person that might likes to party to much then is good for one's self.

but if your concered for some one like that. then maybe you sould look at what is causing a person to do things like that. there probably living with some stress or some pain. there using the drugs to excape. if your really care just be there friend and talk to them. remember that there still people.

well that was sappy. i could really go for a line and a beer right now.

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Yes, these people are dealing with stressful things in their lives, but I don't know how to do this. I just feel like they're on the edge where one little push will send them running from me. Which would suck, but I think it's worth that risk. But how do you find that balance between being a preacher and a weeper? I guess I'm just sick of hearing "don't worry about it" when I do worry about it.

bahh...I've been thinking about this for too long. dammit, I just wish things would go back to normal

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each case is different.

don't let the person run away. make an effort to be there having fun with them, but lead by example.

don't make the drug addic hide his drugs. let him do them right there. cause then you can talk to him about it. it will be alot easier when there a fu©k't up any ways.

the more you are against it, the more the person will hide it. the more you make the person hide it, the less you will see them.

so just be a friend and don't be all preachy but let it be know'n that you care and you think maybe the person should take some time off party'in. just see what it's like.

and well maybe the person will. maybe they might realies that they do feel better or that the world is not that bad with a clear head.

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Did anybody hear about a big coke bust in six different Ontario cities this weekend. Anybody got any info?


A New Hamburg parking lot served as a meeting place for a drug deal and then a drug bust as members of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and local police services cracked a local drug ring last week.

Undercover police officers made an arrangement for a drug deal in the local parking lot as part of Project Ozzi. After the deal was done on Aug. 26, police made the arrests and seized the drugs.

Superintendent Steve Hibbard of the Waterloo Regional Police Investigative Services said New Hamburg was chosen because of it's location and because often drug dealers will use the town as a meeting place to make drug transactions.

"New Hamburg is a midway point for Stratford and Kitchener," Hibbard said, adding that just because it's a small town, doesn't mean it's always safe. The deal went down in the parking lot at the local McDonald's.

Police seized approximately $365,000 in illicit drugs and narcotics including cocaine, methamphetamine, ecstasy and cannabis. The RCMP reported the 22 kg of cocaine alone is worth $2.4 million on the streets. Police also seized drug paraphernalia and a significant quantity of cash and weapons. Those arrested also have a slew of charges against them, including drug trafficking, conspiracy, money laundering, kidnapping, extortion, assault and proceeds of crime charges.

Police couldn't elaborate on the kidnapping charge, only saying it "has to do with how these people do business."

The RCMP worked together with the Waterloo Regional Police Service, as well as police from Stratford, Hamilton, Toronto and Guelph.

Waterloo Regional Deputy Chief of Police Administration Brian Cunningham said the groups worked together because all the communities are having problems with drugs.

"These issues have no boundaries in our communities," Cunningham said. "Clearly it's something we have to deal with."

Cpl. Michele Paradis with the RCMP said this drug bust is something that will be felt through the drug trade nationally.

"Dismantling this drug trade is significant," Paradis said.

Police did not arrest any Wilmot or Wellesley residents, but they did arrest several people from Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, Guelph, Stratford and Goderich. Arrests were also made as far away as Vancouver, British Columbia.

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As someone who hasn't been around much over the past few years, I've definately noticed the big change in consumption habits over the past 5 years or so. Ok, none of this stuff was ever absent from the scene, but it's WAYYY more visible and regularly present judging by what I've been around and heard about.

I've also had a few friends (friends of others on this board) fall on some hard times over the past 2 years as a direct result.

Maybe it's just age, but I don't really know....

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It's good to know that people are thoughtful and hopefully non-judgmental about the whole thing. Not sure what I can say to the broader concerns expressed I was mainly thinking about the criminal implications for someone I know. I gather the Guelph arrest stemmed from this guy buying off of an RCMP which suggests to me some serious 21 Jump Street/Deep Cover action. I mean how much trust would you have to build with a perfect stranger to work up to a large scale transaction. I would imagine, this is all speculation, the RCMP would have done drugs with the guy etc. to build trust. Not sure what the legality is of all of this. He faces realistically something like 2 years although the sentencing recommendation may be something more like 6-8. Not sure how I feel about it all. I feel bad for his family, I feel like he's really going to go through the wringer and that in a way his life is ruined. On the other hand I'm sure purveying this product ruined a few peoples lives along the way and maybe it's a karma kickback. I also blame the Hells for flooding the market and helping to reduce the social stigma by making it far more prevalent and putting it in a place where surprisingly young people are involved.

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I don't think it's someone you know but he's not far off from people we know. The whole thing is just really dicey and shows you how cops really know everything and allow you to operate until they feel you've made to high a profile or forced them to act. I think this had a lot to do with a show of force for back to school. It barely puts a dent in the trade but the effect is more to slow things down and make people on edge.

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i remember going through new hamburg one time while trying to get to my cottage...i stopped at the beer store for directions and all sorts of chill heady folk came in...well about 5 - for a small town that's pretty cool. I totally thought that would be a fun place to live. I guess it was.

but yeah, i think that as long as people have a healthy safe place to do their drugs it's a better time for all involved, and if sh!t goes down (gratuitous overindulgence) then it's easier to intervene.

Not to start the thread off to a new strange direction, but for the record I absolutley love to get high. There are times, however, that I specifically don't overindulge because I don't want to start overindulging to hide my frustrations - but there are times i probably should have...anyone that's seen me get mangled off a bong hit knows how content I can be with little means.

Kudos to people that can overindulge all the time. I just hope that we all realize that most of the folks we party with seem to be able to handle themselves fairly well. we just have to make sure that this scene doesn't get too comfortable with its party styles. Some people still see this as a dangerous business...it's the ones that don't see the danger that get the most hurt.

look before you leap people. there's nothing wrong with sticking to stuff you can grow yourself or buy in a store when it all comes down to it.

Sure you might think you need to go score some blow at 3AM from a hooker down the block - but the reality is that it's a lot easier to put on a CD and grab a beer or a bottle of cough syrup than it is to get bailed out of jail because you talked to the PRETTY hooker.

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Douglas....I can tell you from my personal experience that no matter what anybody said to me I was not going to give up my habits.

But moving to Ottawa was the best thing for me. For me it took getting my life in order, and having to realize for myself what it was doing to me. And I must say moving to Ottawa has been the biggest, bestest step I've made.....a lot of soul healing has happened over the past few months.

I've tried to give my 2cents before to friends about their habits....it doesn't seem to matter. I really believe you can try and make them realize.....but it's something a person has to discover within themselves. But I would never say "give-up" on them. It never hurts to keep trying. And if they are a friend...they'll at least take the time to listen to your concern.

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