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Crosby and Nash TV Spot Banned


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[color:"red"] Crosby and Nash TV Spot Banned

David Crosby and Graham Nash have run afoul of US television networks who are refusing to run spots to promote their tour because they are too political.

Television commercials for the tour feature a mock run for a joint presidency. In July, the pair announced they would jointly run for President of the United States later this year in an obvious tongue in cheek campaign. Neither qualify for the job because Crosby is a convicted felon and Nash is British.

Crosby and Nash promised to alternate the job of Commander in Chief by flipping a coin every Monday.

TNT and Viacom didn't see the joke. Both networks have banned the commercials claiming they are "too political".

Fans wishing to lend their support to the Crosby and Nash campaign can visit www.crosbynash2004.com


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Unfortunately those tour dates for for CSN USA TOUR 2K4, not for a CN tour (not the train company, but Crosby-Nash). I'm waiting patiently for dates for a CN tour as I will travel at least five hundred kilometres to see it (Maybe by train).

The commercials for their joint presidency are hilarious. It would have been so funny to see them on TV.

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