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Steve-o - Don't Try This at Home - Sep 14, Cocamo


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Rock Crew, K-Rock 105.7, MTV Canada present The Don't Try This At Home Tour starring Steve-o with Wee Man, Chris Pontius and more!

The show is being filmed for Don't Try This At Home Vol. 4.

About The Don't Try This At Home Tour

Don’t Try This At Home: The World Tour kicked off in January 2003 and continues to sell out venues around the globe. From the USA, UK, Canada, to Sweden and soon Australia, Steve-O and company demonstrate their own brand of unique performance art on stage night after night. Billed as “35% Stand Up, 35% Stunts, 30% Improv but always 100% Original” no one, not even Steve-o himself, is ever sure what to expect of the show. “My stage show is genuinely a horrifying display of alcoholism and self-mutilation,” he tips off, but clarifies, “I lead a double life with the MTV mainstream programming and explicit DVDs.

Also on the bill are Universal recording artists Social Code and Kingston's own Loganseed.

Tickets are $32.50 and on sale now at Zap Records, Brian's Record Option, Renaissance Music, UBS Exchange and Cocamo Nightclub.








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