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Roll Call: Uncle Seth TO Thurs FREE WINGS!

Mr. Musicface

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Yo-ho-ho! So for those of you looking for a psyche-up for your weekend of JSB & nero, this may fit the bill:

UNCLE SETH at The Winchester Pub, Toronto ON

537 Parliament St. at Carlton

Thursday April 24 2003

Join Uncle Seth along with Mommy & Dharma for "Pitcher Perfect Pub Night" at this historic Cabbagetown venue. Cheap beer, free pool, and free chicken wings with this coupon:


(http://www.musicface.com/uncleseth/info/winchesterflyer.jpg to view and print)

Topped off with a night of great music, how can you go wrong?!? [big Grin][big Grin][big Grin]

$5 at the door, music starts at 8:50pm, Uncle Seth are on second.

So who's in?


Mr. M.

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Yo fresco, be good to seeya man! [big Grin]

I'm guessing 10-10:30ish... it's a 3-band night so we'll probably only have an hour or so.

Oh BTW, last time we talked you were asking about an Uncle Seth taping policy, and I just happen to be working on it this week. I'm not sure if it'll be up before the gig, but the upshot is basically "yeh, you can totally tape stuff." [Wink]


- M.

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yeah Uncle seth!!!

everyone should becoming out!!!

I can't promise any kissing women like last time, but who knows how I'll top it!!!

plus free wings!!! (I don't eat meat personally, but the boys in the band are very, VERY excited about this)

oh and CHEAP BEER!! that makes me sooo happy.

so be there...cause I will be!

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