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Kingston shows: nero, blue quarter, sades, spades


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this sunday (Sept 12) the spades play at 2:30 in Kingston as part of a Tragically Hip show. The Sadies are also playing and i believe go on after the Spades. Tickets are around 40 bucks. There are some other bands playing, but i can't remember exactly who right now.

OTher key kingston dates

Sept 9, Blue Quarter, The Scherzo Pub

Sept 12, The Sadies , Elixir (yes... after a day of Spades/hip/Sadies they sadies play again that night! Greg Keelor from Blue Rodeo is supposed to be there as well... maybe we'll hear some Unintended songs)

Sept 16 (i think i have the date right... please post if it is wrong), Nero, The Scherzo Pub

Anyway, i'm between classes right now and am writing all of this off the top of my head... but i'm pretty sure the dates are right. Sunday should be a rockin day.

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The Sadies show is gonna be nuts ... Unintended is opening, which is Greg Keelor's side project (with Rick White and members of The Sadies)

Ya... I was lucky to catch the unintended in Peterborough on their last tour. I bought the cd but it has since been stolen...rrrrrrr.... anyway...yes, it will be nuts

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