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I had no idea we had so much unwanted/unneeded stuff at our place. We're getting ready to move and it's all gotta go!

Come by 174 St. Redempteur Street in Hull on Saturday morning. If not to buy something than at least to say hi to Myrna (Mama Bouchard).

We have:

Computer components up the ying yang

Bedding (queen size)


CDs and Records



Camping equipment

Kitchen stuff



Cordless phone


Table clothes

Picture frames


End tables


A balsam airplane

and so much more.....

See you Saturday! ::

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The annual Old Ottawa South Porch Sale is tomorrow as well. Think of the Great Glebe Garage Sale but a little bit south... It's the neighbourhood between the canal and the river, north of Billings and south of Lansdowne. Where the Folklore Centre, the Mayfair and the Bayou are..

There will be hundreds of homes selling everything possible... My house will be selling some stuff hopefully, mostly furniture, stop by 16 Grove if you're in the hood...


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Start your bidding on a bunch of STYX on vinyl! There's even a bundle of HEART records and .... wait now.... LOVERBOY, JOURNEY, SUPERTRAMP, COLIN JAMES, BOSTON, ROBERT PALMER, CAT STEVENS, BOB SEGER, DREAM ACADEMY. Start your own cheesy radio station NOW!

BTW, it's a remote control Balsa wood Airplane without the engine, servos or remote. The wings are complete (hardest part of the plane to build), but you have to finish it. It includes the wheels, fuel resevoir, decals and other shite...

ALSO! There is a sale on Super-King cans of Black Label strong percentage beer at the depanneur next door. $2.50/can!!! We have a stoop!


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