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cheap hotels in T.O.


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I've got two empty bedrooms for the next couple o weeks on St. Clair Ave.(empty meaning void of furniture too), you're welcome to pull up some floor. Margaret (416)727-4927

If not, try the Delta Chelsea (at Gerrard) Tel: 416-595-1975 They're usually fairly reasonable for a hotel. Otherwise, there's the (pretty cool looking) Global Backpackers hostel http://www.globalbackpackers.com/

They may have private rooms. Hope this helps; Cheers!

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Hey MoMack, how does that priceline bidding thing work anyways? I found a cheap downtown hotel but I can't seem to contact the person on the board.

Hey... sorry for the slowness... works a bitch.

ummm.. you have to use Mastercard. And you put in "CA" for state.. put Toronto, Ontario (or Miton or whatever) for the city. Zip code 99999.

Check that other site to see what to bid. I'm betting $35US gets you the Marriot Eaton Centre... thre is a priceline fee and some tax too.. comes to $50 or so.

read the faqs if you need to too.. they spell it out for internationals. (on the message board, not on priceline).


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