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Lookin out for the Jaimoe...


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hey brother... not sure if u r into the downloadin and burnin shows thing but i saw this on bt.etree and I think i remember you speaking really highly of this show...

Artist My Morning Jacket

Show My Morning Jacket 2004-05-28 Opera House, Toronto

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Torrent mmj2004-05-28.flac16.torrent (click to download)

Downloads as mmj2004-05-28.flac16

Info hash ceec17e45a108e1db30ac39108a09369f5087083

db link

Description My Morning Jacket


The Opera House

Toronto, ON



KM184 (fob) > V3 \

----------------------- >EMagic A62 > laptop (Kristal 4x24/44.1)

soundboard > Duo/



Cool Edit Pro 2.1 (32 bit mixdown) > Waves L2 (dither) > CDWave > flac

Disc 1


01 One Big Holiday

02 Dancefloors

03 How Do You Know

04 Death Is The Easy Way (w/M Ward)

05 I Will Sing You Songs

06 chat

07 Oxen

08 The Way That He Sings

09 Lowdown

10 Strangulation

11 Master Plan

12 Bear

Disc 2


01 Steam Engine

02 Run Thru

03 End Cobra

04 Golden (w/M Ward)

05 O Is The One That Is Real

06 Mahgeeta

07 Outta My Head (M Ward/Jim)

08 Flaming Heart (M Ward/MMJ)

09 Helicopter (M Ward/MMJ)

*tracks 7-9 fron the M Ward opener where Jim/the band played

Editing Notes:


Lost the mics at 2 points due to intermittent power cable

- repaired w/soundboard clip subjected to reverb and eq

d1t02 1:06 - 1:43

d1t08 4:42 - d1t09 4:51

Known glitches at d1t01 2:17 and d2t02 2:45

There was another M Ward/MMJ song but we didn't get it.


Recorded and mastered by David Klein <davidklein@canada.com>


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