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Stolen bass in Ottawa


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I just got an email from a buddy.. who got this email from his buddy.. it goes like this:

[color:"red"]..........Well, as luck (or lack of...) would have it, I got ripped off, rightout of my van parked in our lane. So, I'm sending this note out. What I lost:

Tokai Jazz Sound, Black, Fretted, with no pickguard, Bartolini pickups.

Tokai Jazz Sound, Sunburst, Fretless, no lines on fingerboard, just side dots, reflex pickups.

Both of these look EXACTLY like early sixties Fender Jazz models, they are the so called "Lawsuit" models.

If you ever spot either of these, please let me know...

> Mark DH

if you have any info you can contact Mark at markdh@magma.ca

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