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Heady goes to Coventry

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If it's parody (and I'm 97% sure it is) it's damn good parody, though this is the first Heady Epic post that seemed to me to be very obviously fake. Heady is usually a bit more subtle. The shainhouse reference blew it for ya heady.

If it's not parody, then let's call it a unique view into the psyche of the king of the cliched ultra-wook, a rare and curious thing indeed. Besides, what worse insult could we bestow upon someone so evil than thinking it's parody if it isn't?

And phishin, I could see where someone fairly new to the board would War Of The Worlds this one, but I'd still like to thank you, because your initial response made this thread twice as good. And probably made heady's day.

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bullshit? what bullshit? for real? i was seriously ready to kick Heady's ass the minute he stepped onto our campsite... fu©ker took one look at the cooler of ours and almost got knocked the fu©k out~... even made Basher angry which means Stoned Phillips was ready to kick some ass... at least he moved on... and that wa the last i saw of him all weekend... thank god too... im headin back to Dead tour... kinder gentler folk over there...

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ok, here is a clue that it is fake people, use that (un)common sense. if a person has enough balloons so that he can sell 75 and still have some left over, how the hell does he disappear in to a crowd? it's not fu©king hard to follow the huge mass of balloons!

fu©k, guys are dumb.

Maybe he had the balloons in his pocket and he was blowing up 1 at a time in various parts of the crowd...Is that not a possibitly????

some guys are so f@@@@@@@kin DUMB!!!!!

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Wicked! I'm gonna miss Heady Epic. I hope he picks up on moe tour or something. Love how he stole a car, macked the girl in it, crashed it into a dude's front lawn and took off to sell fake drugs for the weekend, and seemed to somehow run into shainhouse at the gig!

C'mon! This isn't The Cosby Show here!

"I just lost a ton of respect for this board,,not that I got a whole lot out of it to begin with."

Well, then, there ya go, folks!

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ppfffttt, like heady would come anywhere near bluesfest- no vending, no nitrous, no nothing.

1 hour moe. set?

not nearly heady enough for him

His diatribe(s) about the headylessness of Blues Fest would be what I was interested in; reading how he tried to inject a little headyness into Blues Fest would be an added bonus.



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