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For those of you in the debate over labels, indy, jam, etc... Dr. Dre is writing with Burt Bacharach. Musicians are musicians, categories are for librarians, not artists...

Dr. Dre Co-writing New Album With Burt Bacharach

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

The Denver Post reports that 76-year-old songwriter Burt Bacharach is co-writing a new album with Dr. Dre.

"Three of the four things I've already cut have Dr. Dre drum loops that he gave me," Bacharach reportedly said last week. "It's a challenging, freeing feeling, to take an existing format--like these rigid, four-bar loops--and to see what you can write on top of it. It's hard and challenging too because it does have some restrictions. It's kinda like Hal [David, Bacharach's longtime collaborator) giving me the whole lyric on 'Alfie' and then having to set that up around it."


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