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Huh? Avril in Maxim?


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well since she's in the magazine doesn't it mean that someone wants to see it??

or do you mean 'nobody SHOULD want to see it' and then when i think about how you relate that to us, i really don't appreciate your tidings of malcontent.

i think that with your logic, you should say 'everyone should want to see this...especially the hot chixxx'

i'm not so much interested in seeing half nude avril pics...i'd be way more into seeing her in a crazy fetish video doing something really questionable yet funny.

something that'd make me wonder if i'm really seeing what i see.

more for entertainment than titilation. there's lotsa porn out there for titilation.

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To each their own... She definately looks like a Napanee girl, that's for sure. And growing up in Kingston, I think you're predisposed to finding the stereotypical Napanee girls to be, well, trashy. She has all the qualities: too much makeup, flat/lifeless hair, and overall very dirty looking. I think she looks like one of the Olsen twins in those photos (and please don't tell me they're hot...). One man's trash is another man's treasure... I guess Avril is my trash... (Her music pains me almost as much as her appearance... OK, it pains me more).

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i stick by my words. avril is hot. trashy is a subjective term, and i guess if wearing a lot of makeup is your definition of trashy, that's your O. how many napanee girls do you know, anyway, del??? [i'm just ribbin' ya, i like to stick up for girls].. but ummm... "flat, lifeless hair".... COME ON!! hahahah.... that's funny.... i have fu©king flat lifeless hair too, but since i don't wear a lot of eye make up, does that mean i'm ok? unless i pose for maxim? [b/c you know, they been callin a lot lately!!]... and i think her voice is really good. lyrics... meh.... but voice good. i just think, if wearing lotsa eye makeup makes you feel good once in awhile, go for it! however - if you ever have a sleepover - either you gotta get up way early [ugh] or you better prepare your boy for the consequences.

nota bene: i am mostly talking out of my ass. but i do support little lavigne. ::

PS i love that the word ass doesnt' get get oops censored unless it's in the word a$$hole. also, those olsen twins have STYLE! ::

PPS hey whaddaya know! a$$hole doesn't get censored either. i love jambands.

PPSS i guess it does after all. sorry for wasting that 10 seconds of your life. i'll go to bed now. yay canada!

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Maybe I can't explain it correctly... Napanee girls, and Avril, for that matter, have a certain look. I don't know what it is per se, but it's not good. Like I said, maybe you have to be from Kingston to understand... Oh, and meggo, for the record, I knew plenty of girls from Napanee... I never dated any of them though, mostly because the majority of them had that "look" I was refering to. I can't stand her music or her voice. Maybe that's just me... I think her songs are the ultimate example of pop fluff... And I find her voice too common to deserve all the recognition she's received. I don't think she has a bad voice, just nothing special. All the talk of her being a fashion trend setter is ridiculous as well. Oooh, she's wearing a tie, how cool! (insert rolloing eye smilie here). Be honest meggo, how often do you wake up and dump a bottle of eyeliner on your eyes? Have any friends that do? If a friend of yours did, would you tell her it looked good? Probably not, because it looks like ass... Oh and meggo, you're much better looking than Avril... I guess I got no love for her at all. Sk8r Boi? Come on, how lame is that? (I doubt she actually can skateboard, based on the Complicated video). She bothers me the way Ween and Rush do, meaning I can't fu©king stand her... Sorry if I offended those who do like her, but she bothers me that much... I won't bash her anymore, because it's just too easy to do. Let's just say I don't find her or anything she's done the slightest bit appealing...

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As for as an artist/musician,I'm indifferent.Her music doesn't bother me since I don't listen to radio that would play it and I don't watch videos I don't like.


If any of your girlfriends let their hair down, put on sultry eye makeup, put on a corset that pushed their boobs way up and walked into your bedrooms all sexy like...I can just see you all saying, "ew, get out uggo!!!"

Nice try..haha

Um yeah,where do you think I first came up with the trowel comment?

That much make up does absolutely nothing for me,in fact its a complete turn off for me.Just as my numerous tattoos are a complete turnoff for alot of women,either way I really don't care,but I stand by my comment.

Remember,I was commenting soley on the pictures provided.

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hah.. hooweeeee!

sorry about that tirade del! it probably should have been in purple but in the heat of the moment it slipped my mind. came home a little half drunk and had my saucy pants on, i was totally teasing though, i'm not the least bit offended [and i hope you're not either, jeez! i don't believe in deleting posts - i think it serves me right to have my silliness publicly displayed - but this might be one of thoese posts i would think about getting rid of, hahah].

you definitely have permission to give me a punch in the arm next time ya see me!

[it's only 6:42am right now... i woke and felt guilty! hahah... i'm going back to bed now ::]

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PS [only one this time i promise]

All the talk of her being a fashion trend setter is ridiculous as well. Oooh, she's wearing a tie, how cool! (insert rolloing eye smilie here). Be honest meggo, how often do you wake up and dump a bottle of eyeliner on your eyes? Have any friends that do? If a friend of yours did, would you tell her it looked good? Probably not, because it looks like ass...

that's hilarious [and of course, i do agree with you on that one]

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Morning Meggo - hope you're not too hung over. Let me know if you're up for breakfast!

Whether or not Avril is hot is of no consequence to me, and though I'm one of those anti-makeup on girls guys when someone is paid $500 to apply makeup to someone who will be paid $5000 to model for someone who gets paid $2500 to photograph them, it usually looks at least halfway good. For example: Keith Richards.

And I stand by my comment that that "Did you think I was gonna give it up" tune is a good song, lyrics and all.

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geeeeeeeeeeeez............ okay, first of all, in regard to her makeup in those photos, for one thing, with the lights they use to take those pictures, if you're NOT wearing a ton of makeup, you'd be totally washed out. you wouldn't believe how much makeup you have to wear to even show up (so those "natural" looking girls you see, still have a trowel or two slathered on). secondly, have you ever picked up a copy of maxim before?????? my gosh, you can find more scantily clad women and sex talk in an issue of maxim than you can in a 70's playboy. not to mention, with maxim, the exposed flesh to makeup ratio is often hand in hand -- the girls they have rolling around on a bed wearing nothing but a pair of panties generally tend to look a little more "natural" than the girls who prefer to cover themselves up a bit more. case in point, the tara reid issue (pink panties, natural looking pink lipstick), vs. the helena bonham carter issue (striped tights, corset, heavy eyeliner & dark lipstick). SEX is the look maxim is going for, and the models often don't have much of a say in how they're presented.

christina aguilera? bleeeaaahhhh, trash, indeed (and by the way, a few months ago, when that uber nasty maxim pic of her was posted, there weren't too many compaints). avril lavigne? the girl won't even wear belly shirts. she is an extremely beautiful young woman, and i respect the fact she's trying to send the message that the barbie-out-of-the-box look is not what you need to make it, and it's more important to be yourself than look like everybody else.

the dark eye makeup she wears is part of the "look" she's going for. she's trying to come across as punk, alternative, hardcore, what have you, and see needs a harder look to offset the bubblegum poppy nature of her music. the last thing she wants to be is the next britney, and her "look" is a conscious effort to do so. she wants to be a rockstar, not a pop tart, and if she's going to have poppy music, then she'll at least try and look like a rockstar.

my sister knows a guy who was in her band, and she also knows someone who went to school with avril. in high school, avril was mostly a prissy little goody two shoes, AND A FREAKIN' COUNTRY MUSIC SINGER!!!!!!!!!!! one of her first performance experiences was winning a radio contest to be a guest backup singer for shania twain.

now that she's actually out there in the public eye, she doesn't WANT to be seen a cute & adorable, she wants to be badass. and her "natural" look is so sweet, she's using the eyeliner to draw away from that. here's some high school pictures of her:


avril lavigne may be a manufactured pop star (she doesn't write most of her music, in fact, she doesn't even write all the lyrics), but at least she's trying to have her own style -- a style that DOESN'T focus on boobs, ass & grinding. i'd take a sassy little pale canadian girl with eyeliner & baggy skater clothes over jessica simpson any day. and i think she's a MUCH better role model for little girls than the beyoncés, britneys, jessica simpsons and christina aguileras out there.

so while avril may not be my personal preference in music, i'm proud that a bratty little teenager from napanee, ontario took the international music charts by storm, and didn't need to use her beauty to do it. and she is totally a little hottie -- i'd do her!

(oh, and all those raggin' on the dark eyemakeup look, i'm guessing you didn't get laid very much in the grunge-infused, heroin chic 90's. :) hahahaha, kidding...)

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