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Pic of Coventry Pollock


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Dear Mr Pollock,

Thank you for including my image. Strongbad has been an influential inspiration on hundreds of millions of Phisheads from around the world. Ok, maybe not hundreds of millions. Millions. Ok, maybe not millions. Hundreds. Ok, maybe not hundreds. Ok, maybe you shouldnt have used my image without the proper consent, and giving me hundreds of millions of dollars in the process when my lawyer sues you. Next up, I am going to have a bowel movement in your pillow-case.

Thank you,



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If someone ordered one and doesn't want it I will gladly take it off your hands. I tried to preorder on the last day and they said the stock had run out. Stupid me for waiting.

I'll buy it for what you paid and throw in some CDs too from my list.

It's not my favourite print, but not bad. It will be a nice memory of the event.

I was actually there, unlike some others passing judgement, and I enjoyed the trials of the weekend. It made for a fitting end to have to struggle so hard to see something you enjoy so much. I would love to have a great poster to be a momento of a great weekend.

Drop me a line if you're interested in selling:


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