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He'll be part of the yearly Watershed Festival, in Walkerton Ont....playing on the Sunday, performing schedule TBA...

How far is Walkerton from Frontier Town...??

It's $96 for a one day pass [Eek!]

Anyone wanna do a little Frontier Town->Frampton->Frontier Town...???[smile]

This is a 70's dinasour I GOTTA see at some point.....anybody have any ideas how I can score a tick or something..??

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Frontier Town to Walkerton - allow 45mins to an hour (closer to 40 - 45). The way you drive Dr. Hux - I'd say 30 mins! Ha Ha!

Last year - they overcrowded on the Sunday, people were very upset, demanded money back.......

3 hour waits for a beer - two hour waits for the washroom!

Consider who else is playing before paying $96 dollars!!!

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That would be cool if we could somehow coax some of these artists (ZZ Top, Frampton or Merle Haggard) into swinging by Frontier Town while they're in the neighbourhood! The first step is to somehow get the artists informed on what's happening down the road. I'm sure they're all on tight schedules, but maybe if they heard about CTMF and liked what they heard, they'd squeeze it in there.....? Just a thought.

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Originally posted by jon:

hey ...i'm usually a look on the bright side kind of guy...but that lineup SUCKS....waste of $100......is that harsh? or just true?

Well, it is a benefit of sorts for the town, and it is Walkerton, which makes Durham look like Toronto in comparison...

Also, big name acts don't go round those parts too much(for good reason) but mullets, IROC's, cowboy boots and tight jeans on men do....

Anyone from Grey/Bruce county will know what i'm talking about...

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Hey, cut the guy a break, he was nearly killed in a car crash.

Dr. Hux, you want to check a cool arrangement/performance of "Baby, I Love Your Way", see Lisa Bonet's performance in Hi Fidelity (starring John Cusak as me ... again). It is steamy.

Thing is, I can't think of Frampton without thinking of Zappa's intro to "I Have Been In You" ... "Is that guy kidding or what?"

Rob Not Bob

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I have actually seen Peter Frampton live in concert. I'm not sure if that's something I should be proud of or not. I can't remember the exact year, but I'm guessing it was about 1992.

Back in the pre-Molson Amphitheatre days, when everyone used to play at Wonderland's Kingswood Amphitheatre, I used to get a season's pass every year - you could go to Wonderland as often as you wanted for about $60. Once you were in the park, you could get into Kingswood for about $10 (well, it started out as $6, then $8, then it was $10, the next year, $12... I think it ended up being about $20 before everything moved to Molson). I was in high school, and I was lovin' it - all of my favourite '70s acts were there! You could go on rides all day, and then see a cheap concert.

I saw many great shows - Santana (2 or 3x), Allman Brothers Band (3x), Little Feat, George Thorogood, Barenaked Ladies, Traffic, CSN, Steve Miller Band, Ramones, Jethro Tull - I would go see almost anyone who had a song or two that I liked. I even saw ELP [Embarrassed]

I also saw Peter Frampton.

We bought our tickets 15 minutes before the show started, and ended up with 8th row centre stage. In the entire amphitheater, there must have been fewer than 200 people. Essentially, he played "Frampton Comes Alive" and a few new songs. About 30 people cheered like maniacs... the rest seemed rather underwhelmed.

I'd never felt embarassed for a performer before that point...


(PS - even worse was the opening band, called The Storm. Comprised of former Journey members, they proceeded to bore the pants off of everyone present. Well, actually, not their pants - that might have livened things up a bit. [big Grin] )

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Well, this recent email I got from a friend, whose name I forget right now, sent the following. Enjoy:

Dr. William McKeen, chair of the University of Florida department of journalism and professor of a class called "The History of Rock 'n' Roll," says Ratdog's strength is melding different styles and genres into a unique sound.

"They're like a Dave Matthews band that is interesting," he says. "Of all the rock stars -- the Beatles, the Stones and all that -- I always thought the one I really wanted to be was Bob Weir. He really looked like he was having a good time because he had the greatest job: He didn't have to lead [the Grateful Dead]. He could focus on his role in the band. But, actually, he was a much better singer than Jerry Garcia. He is a great charismatic presence."

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Originally posted by Sunshine:

Consider who else is playing before paying $96 dollars!!!

FYI, here's the line-up for Sunday from http://www.watershedfestival.com/

Bryan Adams

Emerson Drive

Peter Frampton

Martina McBride

Chantal Kreviazuk

Aaron Lines

LeAnn Rimes

Not much there I'd spend 100 bucks on... Saturday's a bit better overall IMHO:

Terri Clark

Merle Haggard

Travis Tritt

Our Lady Peace

ZZ Top [Eek!]

Melissa Etheridge

but I'm gonna bet if you really wanted to catch Frampton, he'd be playing elsewhere in Ontario for less.

- M.

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