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Real Name: Ghetto Fabulous B. Ice

Skank Name[1]: Dopestatic B. Large

Skank Name[2]: Macktastic B. Ice

For [1], I used "bradm" as the first name, with nothing for the last name. For [2], I used "Brad" as the first name, and "M" for the last. I think I like "Dopstatic B. Large" the most.



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since my name is david robert kendall newbold, i figured it'd be good to get some aliases just in case the fuzz get on my back.

robby - Deacon Dr. Robby Loco

Rob Newbold - President Rob Slick

dave newbold Delicious Newbold Squeeze

david newbold - Pimp Daddy D. Fresh

d robert k newbold - Magic Tickle. D. Skillz

canned beats - Fine Ass C. Flash )

silky juice - Bishop Don S. Flava

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Ghetto Fabulous Palace Shmoove


you don't even have to change the name, just keep clicking:

Dopetastic P. Flash

Magic Tickle. Princess Kicks (hahahah)

AHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!! "Fine Ass Princess G." (my real life last name starts with g, heh heh)

Devious Honey Palace Flash

okay, one more:

Stealth Maestro Palace Wicked


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