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IT's Hockey Night Tonight!


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Guest Low Roller

All right, here are my picks for tonight's games:

- Philadelphia

- Vancouver

- Colorado

Now everyone run to the their local gambling establishment, and put your money on the exact opposite of what I just said.


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I gots the money, if you got the time.

Wait a second, should Toronto WIN before you start shooting off [Wink]

Lets not jinx you tonight, but I am up for some wagering, should they get to the next round.


or call me tomorrow after 5


OR, we could do it for cds/shows!

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yous gots the money uhhhhh .... well ok have your # !!! in london until tomorrow so i will give u a call weds..... shows for pics... have some kick ass 16x20's.. so maybe the wager is :

shows vs pics... or shows for shows !!!!

hate phish though (that's for stapes, sorry) ... but i really like the picture deal..

ok talk to u tomorrow !!! ... [Cool]

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