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Diesel Dog/Fat Cats after Party on Halloween


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Howdy folks.

As everyone can probably guess, I love being in costume, so Halloween is one of my favourtie nights, not to mention that it is my sixth wedding anniversary on that night.

I am thinking of having an after party (and before party too) for the Diesel Dog/Fat Cats show at PJC, for those who are not yet ready to stop dancing and such at the much too early time of 2am.

There are lots of instruments to play, but more are always welcome (somone bring a decent guitar).

If you need a place to crash, you are welcome to crash here.

I live about 13 minutes from PJC. With four to a cab, it costs about $4 per person.

Its BYOB, but I will have some extra brews for those who run out.

Let me know if you plan on attending so I have an idea of how many to expect.

I look forward too it... CHEERS!

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