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mister slippery

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Dude! Frightinstine was the best! I used to watch it early in the morning when I was like 4 after my parents droped me off and went to work. I liked Igor, he was fu©kin cool. The vet brought in animals, and would alwase ask if Igor wanted to keep the pet (well KNOWING that Igor would be denied the joy), and Igor wold have to ask the master, who he KNEW was an ass, but he STILL asked anyways, all depressed and sh!t knowing he would'nt be aloud. Flippin hillarious man! and in a way that moves you and builds childhood compassion and love! Crazy ass show! The Hippy wolfman was damn sweet too!! dancing in the tye-dye-trippy screen to music. ::sweeeeet.

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I'd like to see:

  • The Goodies (which may already be on DVD, I'm not sure)
  • Maverick (the original B&W series, starting with the James Garner episodes)
  • Night Music (the old NBC series, hosted by, IIRC, David Sanborn and/or Jools Holland)
  • a DVD set of every musical performance, ever, on Saturday Night Live, indexed/catalogued by date, artist, song, genre, etc.



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I saw that H.R. Puff'n Stuf has been released on dvd. Too pricey for me (around $65), but if anybody buys it, I'm praying for an invite to movie night.

Funny,I was pondering this purchase last week but decided to wait for the very same reason.I loved that show,although its cloudy,I remember watching it.

I'd also like to see "Wait till your father gets home",I used to run home to watch that cartoon.

That was my first exposure to cartoon hippies until I did acid.

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"I loved that show,although its cloudy,I remember watching it."

Same here. In retrospect it seems like it must be the most psychedelic childrens show ever. Remember the talking mushrooms smiking the cigars? And those weird scenes where a neighborhood of houses would start talking to each other?

Maybe when you come up to Ottawa we can split it, watch it, and flip a coin to see who keeps it.

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Maybe when you come up to Ottawa we can split it, watch it, and flip a coin to see who keeps it.

Sounds good to me.Not this weekend but the following is my plan as long as the overtime hasn't started yet(in oct they say),I really need the double time pay.

I sorta remeber the mushrooms & the houses,I believe it went off air while I was really young.Man,I really wanna watch it now.

Also,it would be more for the laughs but I'd like to see Space 1999 on DVD too.


Nice avatar,

I would have thought that was released already,wow,news to me.I agree with ya & TVO would really profit (which it needs to) by releasing alot of the stuff on DVD they air,I always see whats on that station,more so then PBS.

I know theres a Grey Owl documentary & a Tom Thompson documentary I would love to possess.

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One of the best comedies ever will never be released unedited on to DVD ( or video for that matter );


R.I.P. original unedited version of WKRP

umm.. why not?

You'll never see an unedited WKRP on DVD or on television ever again. It has to do with song rights. Most of the WKRP episodes that you see now have been drastically edited, replaced by " canned " music. Even some of the language/dialogue has been edited. For example, when Les is on the ledge in protest of being accused that he was gay, Herb yells out " Hey Les, I thought it over and it's okay if you're a homo ". This was changed to " if you're a gay ".

Here's a site that shows you why and where all the music changes occur. It's fu©king infuriating. They ruined the best show: http://members.allstream.net/~jacjud/wkrpmusic.html

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oooooooooooh, i wanna come to an HR Puff-n-Stuff party too! i must have been VERY young when i saw it, but images from it have stayed with me forever. for the longest time i could never figure out what those images were from, and it bugged me to no end. then one day, i was in gen-X video here in town and i saw an HR Puff-n-Stuff poster and i almost fainted, i couldn't believe i'd found it again. but yeah, crazy show for sure.

anyway, back to the topic at hand, i hear this is out!!!!!!!!!!!!!


i don't know if is this is available, but i'd definitely want some of this:


and this was such a great, great, show, i wonder if it ever made the leap from vhs to dvd?


awww, this would be nice, too


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