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Mobilizing and recruiting: Rock Crew Street Team


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Rock Crew needs you!

The Street Team needs people to:

-put up posters

-distribute flyers

-promote on line through message boards and personal websites

-help sell tickets

-spread the good news of rock crew events like it's the second coming of Jebus

We'll provide all the materials, you provide your body (bodys will not likely be used for science)

In return, you get:

-Free admission to Rock Crew New Music Night and most other Rock Crew events (some shows are beyond our control for free admission)

-Opportunity to enjoy closed-door soundchecks at select shows

-Merch from various bands we work with (or sh!tty CD's we don't have the heart to throw out, but that somebody might like)

-Rock Crew merch (whenever we get it)

-More stuff to come from our partners and sponsors

The first twenty people to sign up by the end of September will be entered into a draw for free CD's and other merch from bands such as Arcade Fire, The Unicorns, FemBots, The Marble Index, Eric Eggleston Band, Betablokka and more!

Check out http://www.rockcrew.ca/streetteam.shtml for more info or email streetteam@rockcrew.ca

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