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if you're not in ottawa that's cool too.

i'm trying to get something rolling at my parents' place out in the country in a week or 2...big party with music and such.

if you're interested in hemping out let me know. i need entertainment and sound equipment.

I also need to know who wants to show so i can figure out how big this thing's gonna be so if you can email me ASAP to let me know whether this is a small or bigger party.

I don't really have any money to throw at this so it's as bare bones as it can get...but the people are important. i was thinking of making it a potluck to save on food costs.


party with me and some other showgoing internet geeks. it's the country and as long as you don't try to corrupt the neighbour kids everything'll be alright. there's plenty of parking as you don't get towed for parking overnight on a country road and the air's really nice. no city lights to destroy the stars...noise bylaws?? all i have to do is tell the neighbours what i'm doing. it'll be fun i swear...just as long as people show so like i said.

email me and RSVP ASAP!!


i don't have a lot of floor space but if you have a tent you're welcome to stay. just think of it as a precursor to CTMF.

frontiertown warm ups!

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it's just outside of oxford mills, in between merrickville and kemptville.

if the sanzwill band wants to show then you guys could totally come. that'd be cool! a helluva trip though...if you could hook up a suprize ottawa show that'd be cool...

an hour outside of ottawa if you drive like a granny or the weather's bad...an hour from the east end, half an hour from barrhaven/nepean...

so we have a PA, 2 bands...hopefully i can jam in the fun too...it'd be cool to have a DJ or 2...the festivities should start about mid to late afternoon...

booche...i thought you were in ottawa, not the falls. what happened??

if anyone's seriously interested in having a killer day (two really...if you plan to recover) in the country like you guys seem to be, please let me know. anyone's invited as long as they're respectful and i doubt we have much to worry about anyone here.

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okay guys, i'm planning to have the party around the 10th...i'd like a consensus regarding the date...

9th or 10th??

if everyone prefers the 10th but people con only show the 9th then you'll have to put up with a sunday recovery...sorry...

also, let me know how you can lend a hand. i'm not asking for a lot but if you have a band that wants to paly or someone that wants to bring decks or you have a huge party tent that you'd like to bring let me know so i can plan accordingly.

I guess this is sort of a party for everybody and I brought the venue. I'd like to be able to jam with some people too...

oh! one last thing. if we decide to go with the 9th and the weather's crappy we can always postpone it a day. just a thought. if nobody has a huge party sized tent...

and everyone interested post on here. i'll email you with directions in a couple of days when i get some response.

thanks everybody.

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I won't be able to take (Friday) the 9th off, so I'd prefer the bulk of it to be on the 10th. I'm cool with recovering and coming home on the 11th.

How about we aim to start it on the night of the 9th (how long a drive from Ottawa is it?), with whoever's there, and then get serious about noon on the 10th?

I'm not in a band, but hope to bring guitar/effects/amp (and taping rig, if it's wanted). I'd be willing to man the soundboard (I've got a couple of mics and a stand, too) if it'd help.



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I'll be driving out that way from Ottawa around lunch time on the Saturday and coming back around dinner time on Sunday, if anyone needs a ride. I have room for 2 or 3 people, as long as you don't mind sharing a car with 2 big dogs!

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So we're looking at mainly the 10th? I could swing out early afternoon with the PA, get things going early - I'll see what the Huxies says tonight at practice about doing a few sets or something....if some of them aren't available (which is very possible) I'm still into doing it up, but locating drums could be a challenge.

Hey BGH! you guys want to do a set??

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Guest Low Roller


Originally posted by Booche:

I am sure Low Roller will come, he likes pitching his tent.

You bet! And it's one of those big tents with enough space for different rooms unlike your tiny dome tent, but I don't want you to develop tent envy or anything. [Razz]

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