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super group?


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Dennis Chambers on drums

Amadito Valdez on percussion

Victor Wooten on bass

Lenny Brau, Jerry Garcia and Micheal Houser on guitars--no Hendrix only because with the advent of beats loops and sampling he'd a one man band.

Jerry takes on some vocal duties joined by Janis Joplin, Sarah Brightman and John Bell.

Horn section of Maceo Parker and Miles Davis (thanks velvet :) )

Dylan and Vic Chesnutt as Lyricists.

All of these people performing the compositions of Frank Zappa, who, of course, would conduct the whole thing in a dayglow orange jumpsuit.

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Fun thread!

Drums - Darren Shearer (The New Deal)

Bass - Chris Wood (MMW)

Keys 1 - John Medeski (MMW)

Keys 2 - Page McConnell

Guitar 1 - Trey Anastasio

Guitar 2 - Carlos Santana

Percussion - The Santana 3

Horn Section - The guys from Burning Spear

Vocals - Burning Spear backed up by the I3's

This band does improvised house/dub with live effects!


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I also agree wholeheartedly with kung on this one, with a shout out to Thumpin for great picks (I'll excuse the Miles typo, as the 'd' key and the 's' key are pretty close to one another), and a thanks to StoneMtn for reinventing The Tummies, but here's my picks:

Kevin Breit - guitar

Bobby McFerrin - vocals

I could stop there and it already would be the best show of my life, but I'll fill it out with:

Brian Blade - drums

Paul Schaffer - keys

Bill Frisell - guitar

The guy from The Slip - bass

Joni Mitchell and Stevie Wonder can be the principle songwriters.

Seriously though, Kevin and Bobby gotta do a few songs together as a duet.

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I'd have to divide my picks between 2 styles ....


Peter Hammill : vocals, keyboards

David Sylvian : Vocals, guitar

Steve Howe : guitar, mandolin

Robert Fripp : guitar, Frippertronics

Rick Wakeman : keyboards, cape, curry

Tony Levin : Bass, Chapman stick, backing vocals

Jaki Liebezeit (Can) : Drums, percussion

Bill Bruford : Drums, percussion


Bobby "Ace" Weir : vocals, rhythm guitar

Warren Haynes : vocals, lead guitar

Derek Trucks : slide guitar

Page McConnell : keyboards, vocals

John Paul Jones : bass, keyboards, lap slide, backing vocals

Matt Abts : drums

Sunny Ortiz (Widespread Panic) : percussion

Not very imaginative, I know ...


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