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Has anything great happened to anyone recently?

Well,sorta I guess.

Met a cool gal (a nurse) friday night at PJC who partied allnight with me before going to work (sober of course) and partied with another very cool gal saturday night...options are always a good thing.

Secondly,the nice weather allowed me to be able to enjoy my first outdoor music expirence of the summer (better late then never) last weekend with the Acousticats & a awesome upcoming bluegrass band "The Clydesdales" which blew me away.Although,I am not really liking the fact that it is so nice out now,since I was off work all summer and only now its consistently warm & nice,sadly that brings the temp up to a sweaty 50+ degrees Cel. where I work.But what can ya do,the plus is I am back to work and tomorrow get my first full week pay since starting back.I started back on a tuesday right before the long weekend,so thats two 3 1/2 day weeks of work (I work 36 hours a week,half days friday) and with the new pay raise that I got last week I am waiting in wonder to what exactly I'll be bringing in.

I also,recieved the paperwork that I had to sign so to get the ball rolling on my inheritance from my aunt (miss ya J),which is daily rising in amount much to my surprise.

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1. I had a demo in Cornhole today that nobody told me I would be presenting to 40 slightly important people that are actually going to be using the software.

I showed up and quickly realized what was going on. I said to my project manager after... "Thanks for the suprise", he said "Yeah, if I had of told you you'd be doing this, you wouldn't have slept for the last 3 days".

It worked out quite well though ;)

2. My sweetheart had some great things happen at her work today.

3. I witnessed a friend go through an awesome interview this morning ;)

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in light of my unemployment, im having a good week too..

sunday night, made ice-water hash. yum! keeping me going this week along with some heady organics :) monday, tore down a bathroom, and tore up my hands. ouch! but still, a few hits from the bong and i feel no pain. monday night, made schwilly pot butter.. mmmmm. harvest season is good, and i have not harvested a thing yet.. today, primed two rooms to be painted tomorrow.. and am on my way to sell a church lady a new roof (gotta do something, she got a quote for 6 grand.. im sure i can do it for less!). after that, gonna do some baking.. with the butter.

if all goes well.. that is, if i paint tomorrow and thursday (maybe) i may be able to make it to a nero show.. hopefully start doing the church lady on saturday. her roof, that is. plus, got a job ad sent from algonquin park, going to apply for an internship there.. who's got my heady MNR/GIS connection?

sugarmegs, good to hear youre enjoying yourself in halifax! go outside and find someone to give you a hug, from me. or, find me a job in NB or NS and i'm there... cheers.

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Guest Low Roller

It was a stressful start to the week, after a very stressful week before that, but moving really helps keep your mind off of things because you barely have time to eat and go to the bathroom.

Everything old has become new, and I'm going to NYC on Friday.

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i finished my work up north early this weekend, so i got to come home on sunday. that was good.

oh - and i found out i get to teach a gis lab instead of a blah 1st-year lab, so that's good news too.

but best of all, nero's coming to town on thursday and that means good peeps and great music ::

hope you can make it, weebs! no heady gis hookup here yet

edit: my week just got better - [color:"green"] heady brownies hot out of the oven :: mmmmmmmmmmmm

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wow, blane, that's a crazy week of plans! i'm jealous of you too lowroller, i freakin' love manhattan. actually everybody seems to be having a great week, nice one!

i'm excited because:

- i have two awesome dance classes lined up tonight that are quite challenging but SUPER fun

- i'm going to sauble this weekend to hole up in an amazing cottage with an amazing galpal i've known since i was six. it's going to be just the 2 of us, and chit is goin' down, mang! heh heh

- same galpal and i decided last night to go to cancun sometime this winter. VERY excited about that.

- if i think about the carload i'm with for beastie boys, i'll start bouncing in my chair because it's going to be SO DAMN FUN

- i got a new tv yesterday at a great deal, so now i can FINALLY hook up the dvd player i got for christmas (my current tv is about twice as old as i am)

- work's been okay this week, and it's freaking wednesday already!!!!!!!!!! only 2 more days until the weekend!!!! yahooo!!!!!!

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Going to Copenhagen on Friday, which will be my first ever trip to Denmark. Should be great.

Nice. Copenhagen is beautiful. I was there in the winter, so I can only imagine what it must be like in autumn. The Tivoli Gardens is supposed to be nice - I imagine it hasn't closed for the season yet. Christiana Free Town is a bit trippy, and the historic sailors' part of town is cool, with lots of great restaurants and tattoo parlours, if you're in the mood. Also, the statue of the Little Mermaid is a lot smaller than you would think - but nearby is an interesting little museum focusing on the Danish underground resistance during WWII.

Danish beer is excellent.

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I've lost over 25 pounds since July. I'm at my lightest and fittest since before my Queen's graduation in 1991.

Whoa! I also graduated from Queen's in 1991. I was in Applied Science (Mathematics & Engineering, Computer Science option). What were you in, Jaimoe?



Arts ( English ). I lived on 557 Johnson Street @ Nelson.

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