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Awesome Week continues... I got the job!!!


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Ollie is sexy.

02/18/01 (Sun) Maritime Hall - San Francisco, CA

Set 1: Dancing In The Street > Scarlet Begonias > Dancing In The Streets > Milestones > Dupree's Diamond Blues, Bertha

Set 2: Caution (Do Not Stop On The Tracks) Jam > Dear Mr. Fantasy > Dark Star > Jam > Tomorrow Never Knows > Jam > Dark Star > Jam > Wharf Rat > Viola Lee Blues > Midnight Hour > Viola Lee Blues

E: Strawberry Fields Forever > Goin' Down the Road Feeling Bad > Comes A Time > We Bid You Goodnight

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October 11th is a Stat no? Thanksgiving?

Yeah, Bouche, Ollie has the 11th off, right?

Thanks so much for thinking of Ollie for this job Mike!! He's sick of working for small private companies! This will be good for him. He's never worked for the government and wants to give it a try. Also, socially, it'll be wonderful for him to have more than 1 co-worker around!

The weekend before he starts working this new job, we're going to Montreal for a few days where we're gonna celebrate big time. Good thing he'll have the Monday to rest before starting. :P

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