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Att: Any U.S. citizens in Canada


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Here's a new song that I've been working on. I hope everyone likes it.

Sung to the tune of 'If you're happy and you know it'

If it's yellow let it mellow in the bowl,

if it's yellow let it mellow in the bowl.

If it's yellow let it mellow, if it's brown flush it down, if it's yellow let it mellow in the bowl.

That's all I got. Who's got the next verse?


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I definitely agree with our friend VermontDave. I tend to presume that most Americans that chose to live in Canada would likely be anti-Bush. For that reason, and as close as the polls are these days, American-Canadians have to get registered and vote in this election.

You can even register online and I really encourage any of you who qualify to do so:


And that is great Ahess that you made the effort and voted! Nice!

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I my opinion...the whole world should be allowed to vote in this election. It seems to me that the current American Government has been ruling with the notion that they should be in control of what is done throughout this globe...than we should all have a say! Tha would make for an interesting vote. Get out there and Vote America...show the world your true colours! GO KErry!

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