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Shannon Lyon @ PJC 09/25/04


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Hey where was everybody last night? I'm guessing at nero/Contact in Toronto. I hope Ken will still be willing to bring Shannon Lyon back again, even though last nights show was so poorly attended.

After seeing Shannon Lyon perform a solo set for the first time this year opening for Jay Farrar (formerly of Uncle Tupelo and the recently reformed Son Volt) he won me over as a fan. I saw Shannon solo again at PJC in July. This time was the first time I saw Shannon perform with a rhythm section and on electric intruments.

It was another short but sweet set of Lyon's material, and I can't help but think that he would perform longer if there were more than twenty people watching him perform. MarcO compared him stylistically to Neil Young which I never saw before, until I saw him play some guitar solos on his hollow body Gretch last night. Lyon does craft his guitar work on electric guitar in the same vein of Young. Generally I find Lyon sounds quite a bit like Steve Earle, especially the way he paces his songs lyrically.

Here's the setlist from last nights show.

Start time 12:00am

1. You Showed Me How (w/harp)

2. Carry Me Down

3. Olde Freightliner

4. Barcelona

5. Did You Know That

6. Could You Be My Light

7. Sometimes It Hurts

8. I Could Cry (I don't know about this title?)

9. Since I'm Loving You (w/harp)

Encore: 10. Lake Huron (Like Your Own)(w/harp)

11. How Did You Get So Lonely (I don't know about this title?)

12. Bound>Ring Of Fire>Bound

End set 1:05am (Total time 1 hour and 5 minutes)

PS Hey Ken I hope you give Shannon another chance at PJC, next time there has to be more peole than last night.

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