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moe.down revisited


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Hey Mike and Sharon ... sweet pics and a great review ... glad to read that your festival season ended with a bang after a few disappointments ... wish I could have shared a festival experience with you this year ... hopefully next summer!

And on another note ... good luck with the move ... that's awesome that you're moving into your own home!

Peace, Mark

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Great Review Sharon & Mike!!!

It's funny...yesterday we were sitting on Rubberdinghy and Voodoolady's porch listening to moe and I had this overwhelming feeling.

A huge smile came across my face...the sun was shining....I felt like I was back there.

It's great when memories make you feel the emotions all over!

So thanks for the pics and review today!

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Wow, great piece!

I just d/l'd one of the days...Did they have seamless sets with moe.>JFJO>Biscuits de Disco>moe.? or is that seque just jams with members of? The show was highly recommended to me as A+...

I know most of you folks aren't big on the Biscuits, but did anyone catch any of their sets? (Us westies are big on the hippy trance jams, must be something in the water.) Or how bout Jacob Fred? They are incredible.....

Ya'll are very lucky to have moe.down in your back yard!


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You know Spudly, I felt horrible about missing Jacob Fred Jazz Odessy. I caught a glimpse of them as I walked by on my way for food. The tent was so packed I couldn't really see much. I saw them last year at the Adirondack Festival and really, really enjoyed them.

The music at moe.down was pretty much non-stop so catching everything is almost impossible. Too bad, I know they kick ass.

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Ah yes, it is indeed irksome to know that you are within walking distance to a stage that you know is going off...but you gotta eat sometime. you gotta sleep sometime.

Or even worse, the dreaded "double booking"...I live for that very dilema. Where the only complaint you have in life is "Shall I walk over here and see Karl Denson? or walk over there and see moe.?" I hate when that happens.

Jacob Fred is indeed a solid band, they have the most amazing stage presence (Brian Haas (keys) is one cool cat, as is Reed Mathis (bass)), and the most interesting song titles. "Nibbles the Squirrel", "Thelonius Monk is my Grandmother", "Muppet Babies Get Lost at the State Fair", or the glorious improv called "George W. Bush is Lying to You".

An awesome download...Do you folks know Groove TV? (www.groovetv.org)

Mike Clark's Prescription Renewal featuring Mike Clark (original drummer for the Headhunter's), Brian Haas & Reed Mathis (JFJO) and Jessica Lurie (sax from Living Daylights). WOW!

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