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i went to the word on the street festival in kitchener today and i went to a booth run by the humanist association of canada. personally, i find this philosophy quite interesting and appealing. my username actually is a character in a kurt vonnegut book that follows this philosophy. here is a sample from the site, it's the atheist rant.

Hey, I'm not a Catholic or a Protestant, and I don't go to church or swallow transubstantiated bread and wine.

I don't know Matthew, Mark, Luke, or John, although I do know John, Paul, George, and Ringo.

I grasp reality, not a fantasy. I speak the truth, not insanity.

And I pronounce it "atheist" not "a theist".

I can proudly get religion off my back.

I believe in life here, not "hereafter".

Rationality, not rationalization.

Humans can be truly proud and noble animals.

Let's tip our hats to science and compassion, and make a pronounced difference in the world!

Atheism is second to no religion!

First and last, it's the best part of being alive!

My name is Heathen and I'm an atheist!


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