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incomplete nero Zedonk review ...

mark tonin

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I started writing a review of Zedonk when I first listened to the cd, but just never got around to completing it. I was looking through some old files this evening and came across it, and thought I’d post my incomplete thoughts. Here it is … definitely incomplete and a work-in-progress that most likely will never be completed, but may provide food for thought or comment.


When people ask me to describe the band nero with words, I usually say something like “they play intense instrumental progressive trance rock.” After hearing this cd, I feel that my description is apt. These guys crank it up and let it rip … sometimes when I hear this band I need to dance faster and harder than I ever have, and other times I think of the Maxell commercial where the guy is sitting in a chair and is being blown away by the sound.

Here are some comments about what I’ve heard on the cd, song by song ...


I love this song ... it makes me feel like dancing oh so hard. It took my 4 listens before I got to track 2 ... I just wanted to hear this one over and over again. I’d love to hear an extended version of this song, with a huge jam on the fast, funky part of the song. And the horns (courtesy of Dave, Ben and Brendan from Addison Groove Project) help to take this song to another level.


lots of great tone on this song


some complex changes and transitions in this song ... think progressive rock

great guitar tone, some of which sounds more like a keyboard than a guitar

Whispy Mountain Wonder

... a perfect example of a song that mixes "King Crimson progressive rock", modern sounds and tone, and techno grooves ...

At about 44 seconds, after the spacey intro, I am blown away at how much I am reminded of King Crimson. Lots of great guitar tone, super fat bass, and impressive drumming.


some of the biggest, fattest bass tone and the dirtiest, growling guitar tone that I’ve ever heard


the intro, with Bob Wiseman’s piano, is wicked

Downside Up

nice drumming, and more great guitar work


nice build to a climax, and then into a spacey ending that leads into Lemondust


a crowd favourite when played live, this studio version has a sweet techno jam in the middle, thanks in part to Aaron Collier’s keyboard playing (he’s from The Jimmy Swift Band)

Beyond Chance

a touching song with Dave solo on an acoustic guitar


Peace, Mark

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