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Happy Birthday Randy Bachman 09/27/1943


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Happy 61st Birthday Randy,

May you have many more. You are truly one of Canada's most underrated guitarist and songwriters. How many people can say they have a number one hit in the USA with two different bands? Not too many.

I've seen you three times with The Guess Who and three times solo. And I'm also glad that you got healthy and lost weight, which will likely allow us to see you longer than if you didn't.

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I, too, am a now a fan of Randy Bachman. I've seen him play once in honour of Neil Young at the Governor General's awards in Ottawa (jamming Neil tunes!), once with the Guess Who in Calgary, and once with his own band on Vancouver Island along with Neil Young, the Barenaked Ladies and Bachman's son (just a couple weeks back).

I have decided he is now one of my favourite old-time rockers; a true legend.

Happy Birthday Randy and keep on "workin' overtime" for us!

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Randy randy Bachman...I just can't say anything good about him. I think the globe and mail said it best by giving him 1 out of 5 for his ' A Jazz thing' album, after which the writer was criticized for going easy on him. For any of you that respect him, please go listen to it. It's easily my least liked album in the world. And I'm not alone. There are pages of message boards out there slagging the mormon. On the album he has the nerve to sing overtop of a lenny breau recording (summertime) of solo guitar, and try and follow the melody line with his horrible crooning. Then he has the nerve to list Lenny Breau in the credits as a guest. One of the worlds's best ever guitarists, been dead for over 20 years now, and Randy lists him as a guest on his new album. It's not funny Randy, just pathetic.

Maybe I'm just jaded because I live in Victoria, and I hear about him so much because of his living close to me. Randy Bachman to me is a walking publicity stunt. I can't respect his crappy rock, I can't respect his stomach stapling, I can't respect his PR stunts like getting 1000 guitarist in vancouver to play the takin care of business riff all at the same time, and I can't take his butchery of jazz.

You won't often see me dis another artist on a messageboard, but Randy?

For the record. Losing weight by stomach stapling is equivalent to drinking non-alcoholic beer. At the benefit, the Barenaked Ladies were on stage making fun of 'b-b-b-baby, you aint seen nothing yet', when Randy came out singing behind them all serious. Hamming it up had to stop immediately. He meant that song you know. Funny.

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