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Reminder: The Beatles remain the best band ever.


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sorry mr. marcO, but the only thing the beatles were, and still remain, are "the most overrated band in the history of music".

Talent. Some. Catchy. Sure. The Best. Not Even Close.

Geez 2ndTube, you can't say something like that without backing it up with facts man.

Holy Crap! Have you ever listened to the BEATLES? What records/cd's do you own? I gotta step back...

Someone take him into their place, and play him some history....please.

Maybe you should come to Ottawa and spend an evening with Dr.Hux....ooooh....wait, that COULD turn into a Bobby love-fest.

Back to the facts....lay them out already.

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The Beatles are the best band ever. I don't think there is a band from any era other than the Stones that could come close. Even their filler songs are better than most bands best stuff - re: The White Album.

They may not be everyone's favourite ( I like The Who better ), but it's short-sighted to question their legacy.

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damn, my post got fu©ked.

anyway - just wanted to say, I knew starting this thread that Steve didn't dig the Beatles, and that's his perogative. Although saying they are overrated is like saying Miles Davis is overrated - it's a contrary position, so some support is needed to prop it up. Still, I like to talk about how fu©king GREAT the Beatles are/were. Not a week goes by where I don't surrender to the joy, charm and vitality of their music, especially the period from Please Please Me through Revolver, which I'm just a sucker for. I don;t care about arguments regarding musicianship ("they needed a better drummer"), their image ("the first boy band"), wahtever - the music speaks for itself, and it never grows old for me.

I want to listen to The Beatles right now!!

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Bob Dylan changed Pop music, by singing about everyday topics, opening up the range of topics that could be discussed in a song...

The Beatles changed pop music, by using all types of different instruments, changing the format of what was typically allowed in a pop song.

it's funny how both beatles and bob dylan influenced each other... The Beatles got beyond the "I love you ya ya ya" lyrics and Bob went electric...

In the sixties these two forces changed music forever.

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