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Reminder: The Beatles remain the best band ever.

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Rare Beatles 10-inch acetate sells for $143,000 at auction



A rare Beatles record has been sold at an auction in Warrington, England for $143,400 (77,500 pounds).The 78 BPM record had been in the loft of Les Maguire, a keyboardist who was a member of popular 1960s' Liverpool band Gerry and the Pacemakers, for over 50 years and was preserved by being wrapped in paper.

The record was originally a gift from the Beatles' manager, Brian Epstein (who also managed Gerry and the Pacemakers), to George Martin in 1962 — before the Beatles ever had a hit single and before Martin became the band's long-time producer. Epstein gave the vinyl to Maguire after it was returned to him.

The record is a 10-inch acetate of a song called "Till There Was You" and "Hello Little Girl" on the flip side. "Hello Little Girl" was attributed to John Lennon and the Beatles while "Till There Was You" was billed as being by Paul McCartney and the Beatles. The band names and song titles, replete with spelling mistakes, were written in by Epstein himself.

"It's no good to me so I've given it to my granddaughter, who is hoping to buy a house after passing her accountancy exams," said 74 year-old Maguire earlier this year, explaining his reasoning for selling the rare piece of vinyl. 




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The Beatles’ New White Album: Why ‘Good Night’ Is a Gloriously Weird Revelation

In a previously unheard outtake, John, Paul, George and Ringo harmonize the “good night, sleep tight” refrain together — making it an emotionally direct epiphany




There’s a moment on the Beatles’ new “Super Deluxe” edition of the White Album that sums up all the glories of their 1968 masterpiece. And weirdly, that moment is “Good Night.” There’s always been something mysterious about “Good Night” — the album’s orchestral finale. It’s a tender ballad from John, one he always meant for Ringo Starr to sing, without ever explaining to Ringo (or anyone else) why. Many fans dismissed it as a coy joke. But it nearly steals the show on the new box set, in a previously unheard outtake where all four Beatles sing it together. John, Paul, George and Ringo harmonize the “good night, sleep tight” refrain, over John’s folkie finger-picking. It’s hard to believe this great version sat in the vaults all these years, gathering dust. But after you hear John play “Good Night” on guitar, the song is no joke at all — it feels instead like a cry from the heart, cleverly disguised, waiting for the world to notice 50 years later.


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Great stuff. I know I had this as filler on a different Dylan show on VHS in the early/mid nineties and I've only saw the DVD circulating once, years ago - titled "Silver Wilburys" I believe, not sure why that name was used. It got taken down from a semi-private Dylan tracker (now long gone). IIRC, they removed it due to the poor quality of the DVD authoring.  The video isn't great, but considering its sourced from VHS, and an on the fly recording for an unannounced Dylan/Harrison/Forgerty performance in 1987? Still pretty cool.

This was first time Forgerty had played any CCR songs in 20+ years, at Dylan's request.

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