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Stuff is starting to Stir!!!


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G Love would be excellent! I know he was just here but he needs his own show.

Bill Frisell is long overdue an Ontario visit.

I'd like to see Del McCoury Band again w/o going to Buffalo for it. My girlfriend would love that too.

Trey Band at Massey Hall please. It'll do well, trust me.

Vida Blue anywhere, please. Opera House sounds good. With DJ LeSpam and troupe, please and thank you!

Dare to dream, dare to dream.......

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haque, trey band, STS9, ween, bill frisell, john brown's body...what about bands that aren't 'jambands'?

another tortoise run would be cool...the chicago underground...i mean we need to get tripped right out sometimes don't we??

maybe the supergenerous duo/sisters euclid tour with some heavyweights organizing some killer afterparties??

i'd like to see some bands i've never heard of before and get my head blown off.

we need keller up here again. i think the last time he was around he wasn't as involved...no?

maybe widespread panic needs a chill tour...somewhere to stretch out and play totally differently...i know there aren't a lot of panic fans on here (myself included) but they're big for a reason. they're a pretty frickin great band.


the dead?

can we get jazz pharmacy back together for a tour?

a live rave tour?

particle, new deal, sts9, blue quarter?

that one guy?

there're so many possibilities for good shows.

i'd like to suggest more that the promoters don't double book...or if they book opposing shows on the same night, make one an early show or make one a LATE show.

i'd like to see an afterparty/private party scene start up. we need to energize, people! the scene doesn't seem to be growing so much.

how do we get to the people that don't read the internet - how do we get to the heads that live more humble lives than us or are involved with other aspects of life more than shows or checking online listings?

I'd like to see more people getting together outside of concerts sometimes too...maybe we should try to rally for festivals at ski and beach resorts. change it up a bit. we all know the summer's a little empty in the city and people stay inside in the wintertime.

if we want bigger names we need to get numbers and we can't get annoyed at each other for not wanting to go out. maybe if someone else sees eye to eye with me, send me a message or start another thread?

there are so many bright, talented people around. i feel there's a community but i don't feel we're making an infrastructure as much as a social bond.

like i said, bigger shows are nice but how've the numbers been lately? promoters? any numbers? how many of you actually made more of a living this summer than any other summer? dont' be scared. we all know you deserve to make money for your hard work. shows wouldn't happen without you guys.

off topic i know...

but yes. it should be an interesting time for fun...the future.

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