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Lurkers Unite!!!!


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So after viewing last weeks 'why are there so many unknown users online post' (which i didn't post to) i starting thinking that there are quite a few lurkers around these parts. I do post here once and a while but for the most part keep to myself, mostly due to my unwillingness to explain and defend my point of view on world matters. Well actually, I would say it is 100% related to my general laziness, but that's another story.

I remember coming to this message board when it first starting and i lurked for a good while before actually signing on. thank you canned beats for convincing me to do so.

In celebration of all the lurkers out there, let's unite and say hello,hi,high and how ya doing!!!!

HELLO!!!!!!!! ::

Thank you that is all for now.

ps. a big a special thank you to all you regulars out there. Without you none of this would be possible. I love you all.

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