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Who's the President again?


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Somebody had better congratulate him again because the PS meatless portabello swiss burgers are awesome.

they're tastier than meat hamburgers in general - including the meat version of the portabello swiss burgers.

anyone think i'm full of crap? well you're half right. i just ate two of the meaty burgers. picked up the wrong pack at the store - but i'm not OVERLY disappointed.

i would urge anyone that likes mushrooms (or can even stand them) to go to any loblaws subsidiary and pick up a package and try em out for yourself. they're not vegan but they're all real food. it's just mushrooms, cheese, and clarified butter (yes that's right - no vegetable oil to induce cancer or other disorders(it's easier for your body to break down animal fat than vegetable fat...vegetarians you can argue this all you want but there was no instance of heart disease and cancer was virtually unheard of before margarine was invented...butter may be more fattening but it's better for you...it's still fat though - moderation is the key))

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