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jammy face off


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ok so a few months ago i posted that list of captains and available "players" for that jammy face off stuff, the final showdown at bonnaroo,, everyone didnt believe it, shit, i didnt really either, too good to be true sort of.

anyways, here are the results for round 1 and 2 [big Grin]


Thank you for being patient for the draft. The day is finally here and after two rounds here is how they stand.


1. Warren Haynes selects Irvin Mayfield.

2. Bela Fleck selects Buckethead.

3. Robert Randolph selects Luther Dickinson.

4. Karl Denson selects Russel Batiste.

5. Bob Weir selects Michael Kang.

6. David Schools selects Todd Nance.

7. Jon Fishman selects DJ Logic.

8. Les Claypool selects Al Shneir.

9. John Herman selects Derrick Trucks.

10. Mike Gordan selects John Bell.

11. Phil Lesh selects Sunny Ortiz.

12. Jimmy Herring selects Page McConnell.

13. Robert Walters selects Dickey Betts.

14. Victor Wooten selects Chris Frantz.

15. Stanton Moore selects Oteil Burbridge.

16. Trey Anastasio selects Chris Wood.

***Second Round***

1. Warren Haynes selects John Molo.

2. Bela Fleck selects Sam Altman.

3. Robert Randolph selects Mickey Hart.

4. Karl Denson selects Steve Kimmock.

5. Bob Weir selects Rob Mercurio.

6. David Schools selects Bill Nershi.

7. John Fishman selects John Medeski.

8. Les Claypool selects Tim Raines.

9. John Herman selects Rob Barraco.

10.Mike Gordan selects Bernie Worrell.

11. Phil Lesh selects Charlie Hunter.

12. Jimmy Herring selects Rich Vogel.

13. Robert Walters selects Michael Travis.

14. Victor Wooten selects Brad Barr.

15.Stanon Moore selects Keller Williams.

16.Trey Anastasio selects Dr. Didg.

This has been a very exciting first two rounds. The draft has been done via fax and by phone. The next two rounds will be released soon. The process will take a little while considering the way it is set up. That being said, we caught up with some of the musicians for their thoughts about the draft.

"I can't beleive Fleck got Buckethead. He new damn good and well I wanted him. Oh well, Myself, Todd and Nershi will prevail. Todd and I know how to kick music ass southern style and we are going to teach Billy. I hope we get to play Flecks squad so I can blow that gay headband off him. GO HOME TEAM!" - David Schools, WSP

"I'm just glad I got drated. I'm going to do all I can to help Jimmy win this thing. I'm excited about playing with some new mucisians." Rich Vogel, Galactic

crazy shtuff

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for whatever its worth, its nice to see keller is respected enough to go in that second round. WHen i see the other people he is catagorized with, i would never have thought he would be spoken in the same breathe as Steve Kimmock and Charlie Hunter.

I guess the days of seeing him infront of 50 people are gone.....

oh well, Ramble On Keller....

CLT: Acoustalunatickle from 97, which just happends to be Kellers first band....and he's playing Ramble On.

Go Kdub!

[big Grin]

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Oh and from who hasn't been picked...this is my band...

Jamie Shields - Ivory

Derek Trucks - Geeetar

Billy K - Drums

Jeff Coffin - Saxophone

Cyro Batista - Everything Else

This band sounds like TONS of fun to me.

[big Grin]

oh by the way ... who are

Irvin Mayfield

Luther Dickinson

John Herman (first round!!!)

Chris Frantz

Sam Altman

Rob Mercurio

Rich Vogel

Brad Barr

I know I could individually search each person out and figure it out, but i figure someone here with tons of jamband knowledge could help me out...

oh and whats up with Page not being in the first round....shafted!

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Originally posted by secondtube:

Oh and from who hasn't been picked...this is my band...

Jamie Shields - Ivory

Derek Trucks - Geeetar

Billy K - Drums

Jeff Coffin - Saxophone

Cyro Batista - Everything Else

This band sounds like TONS of fun to me.

To me, too. Shields is a surprising choice. Nice one, Steve.

As for this pool altogether, it *must* be a joke, right? I just can't imagine such talented, respected musicians engaging in something so silly.

I mean as fiction, it looks like fun, but as reality, it seems more than a little crass and entirely unnecessary.


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