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Hookah Brown with Rich Robinson


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So I went down to Club 279 on Tuesday to check out Rich Robinson from the Black Crowes new band Hookah Brown. I was surprised to see the doorman was giving out tickets for free and the lack of people in the club!

The lead singer, a dready british guy formerly of a band called Monk sounds EXACTLY like Chris Robinson! The songs are also a lot like Black Crowes material but played in a short poppy format. Really nice guitar work from Rich but no jamming whatsoever. Past setlists showed the band played a few Crowes tunes "Sometimes Salvation" "Cypress Tree" and "Wiser Time" although none of these were played. There was a CSN cover and a Nazareth cover but no Crowes songs. I hope the band gets more comfortable with their songs AND audiance as it was a pretty cold show.

I'd also like to mention that 279 must have the same sound guy as The Docks because everything was WAY too loud. It's a pretty nice looking venue but you can't stand anywhere for 5 minutes without walking into a guy with a headset on.

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