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The good thing is it's got to be warmer. I remember my high school chemistry (the class not the recreational drugs) and abolute zero is as cold as it can get! So it'll be warmer this year. I didn't mind the cold, I was well dressed for it and I enjoyed dragging firewood out of the forest and building up fires for shivering crowds of campers!

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Mr King,

I will spend my b-day weekend there if you kick DrH's ass. Honestly, you bring the back-up AND the ass-wuppin', and I am down. Or West I guess.........

See, I could kick his ass, but it would be really stupid on my part. I am having a hard enough time sticking with BGH as it is, so if I kick the Grand Poopie Pants ass, I am a goner.

Actually, Dave-O would probably enjoy seeing me turn him into brown pulp so much, he would leave BGH and start something with me.........something to think about.

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I have a feeling this year is going to be huge, and i'm not talking about the bands.

personally, i have about 40 friends going. doens't sound like too much. but two years ago it was about 10 of us. 20 last year. really, about 40 for sure's this year.

now, thats just me. with an amazing atmosphere, great music, and fun times, other people are gonna be in the exact same boat is me.

i bet we see at least double the amount of people this may 24 from last. and i heard we had some 700ish last may 24. i don't see 1400 campers a far fetch.

Can it hold that many?

Its going to be interesting...

its going to be PACKED

Its going to be FUN

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