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Sanzwill's farewell bash too "367"


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It seemed like, soon as i put it on everything just made more sense...


dude i love the helmet, we should start making them with a beer funnel on one side and a bong on the other,, hot sellers for summer season lol

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Oh my, what a grand evening!!!!! That was truely a night I will never forget... Thx soo much too Sue & Lunchy 4 letting all us hoodlums throw a crazy farwell bash at the last minute, to a home that i belive is special too all of us... [Wink]

THANX LUNCHY u new the band wouldnt stop till 1 anyway [Eek!] MUUUAHAHA!!!!

Man i'll miss chillin in that old cracked out basement. [big Grin][big Grin][big Grin]

UH Oh, were supposed too play 2nite....

Schmelzle and Martinson killed me...

jager, Tequila, jager, Tequila... oh my head!!!


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last night festivities were grand, i almost have a tear in my eye to think now that that was the last jam at sues. I had a blast last night and suprisingly i feel Fuggin great today.

Im glad i was on the drums and not at the back of the room where all the booze was flowing. I had just enough last night!! [Wink]

OKay i better stop writing now im startin to feel sad, oh well at least 367 went out with a BANG [Eek!]

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threeeeeeeee sikkety seveeeeeeeennnnnnnn

man tons of awesome bashes at that house. it will be missed definitly

pieg i hear you brother my head is fuckin pounding lol

i stayed away from that tequila last night tho, ive learned before, tequila dont like me and i dont like tequila. we killed that jager in record time .... true rockstars lol

ohhhh my heeeaaaddddd -


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