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possible super-jam at dekcuf


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Hey everyone.

Who's in Ottawa saturday night? There may be a hux-n-friends or something of that nature at the Cafe Dekcuf, depending on interest, and other factors (like having a drummer).

As well, if it works out, there would most likely be another round of Blue Grassy High, but unfortunately, Dave-O is seeing that damn band Phish, so he won't be around. I'd expect that we'll coerce another fine musician to take up a stool.

There probably wouldn't even be a required cover, most likely a pay-what-you can thing.

If you don't have a computer to check tomorrow, email me (bouche@jambands.ca) your phone number, and I'll call and let you know if it's on or not. We'd have to spread the word the old fashioned way tomorrow.



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never mind the maybe's....

There IS a jam-party at the Dekcuf tomorrow night. So far, expect to hear Sanctuarians and jamhosts Dr. Hux and PEIPunk with (drummer still to be determined), possibly and hopefully Phred of Dr.Huxtable fame....and various special guest [Wink]

Blue Grassy High will pull of a few tunes as well for your listening and warm-up enjoyment.

More updates to come.

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Guest Low Roller

Sorry Bouche, I was planning on going but I was so pooched after playing hockey that my half-hour power nap turned into a four hour sleep. By the time I woke up it was 1am!

Yeah, my last name is a tongue-twister, isn't it?

Here it is: Zadarnowski.

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That was a fun night of music. I am so amazed at how well things can sound on such short notice with people who have never played together before. BGH did in fact open and explored some new tunes including one of my favorites Gin & Juice (Punk on vocals and Andre on Mandolin sounded great!)

The lineup constantly changed and ex-Downtime drummer who was in town for another gig sat in on a couple of tunes. Very impressive energy. Even myself and Cheech from Dr. Hux sat in on a song or two. Everything else was a combination of Bouche, Punk, Dr. Hux, Van Whelan and Phred. Mighty good times and plenty of people falling on their asses drunk. Gotta love them hoe-downs!

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Will someone PLEASE let me in on these rumours, and/or facts. Frig, poor Dave-O and I are the last to find out this stuff...........

Sat was lots of fun. Blue Grassy Low did (I cant recall the placements):

She's A Woman

Friend Of The Devil (Sharon on backup vocals)

I Dont Want To Spoil The Party (even though I was PLEADING with them not to do it. Maybe the next time, they will listen to me! Should have been called, I Dont Want To Spoil The Party, But I Am Going To Anyways)

One After 909

Helpless (Punk on bass and vocals)

Gin and Juice (Punk on bass and vocals. This was a fun one!)

Get Back On The Train (with Phred and The Roof from Dr Hux)


Bouche: guitar and vocals

The Punk: what do you think?

Dr H: guitar and vocals

Phred: keys

Van Whelan: Drums

Lay Down Sally (with Sharon on backup)

Dancin In The Street

Wolfmans Brother >

Mind Left Body Jam

Dead Flowers (dedicated to CatPhish)

New Speedway Boogie

Me and My Uncle

Set 2

Scarlet >

Fire (with Downtime's drummer standing in for those two)

All Over Now>

Maggies Farm>

All Over Now

Get Back

Waste (Booche took over for Suzie Huxtable, Sharon on backup)


First Tube (Lauzon took over for Suzie Booche)

I am most likely missing stuff up there, so feel free to add in.

There were a number of FUNNY moments. After Fire On The Mountain, Bouche teased 401 Theme, which had everyone chucklin. Lauzon started screaming a request for it, which had us roaring.

Another Priceless moment, happened when Lauzon almost fell into the drum kit ala Chong, only to be saved by the Punk. So many times, we seem to miss hearing the Punk save him (and viceversa), but we got to watch that one!

(well, that was weird timing Sharon. I probably wouldnt have responded, had I known you were doing it. What a waste of a lunch hour now [Wink] )

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I had a great time, I only wish that I had found out sooner than half an hour before I got there so I could have brought my wife. Did anyone get a set list? By the way, who did the original country arrangement of Gin and Juice? I know I have it on a compilation somewhere. Oddly enough, I had watched Down To Earth earlier in the day on The Movie Network in which Snoop's version plays a very frequent part in the soundtrack, so I should have known it would be played that night [smile]

/ Colin Mochrie mode on

"Gotta love those hoedowns, I really really do!

I really really really really really really do!" [smile]

/ Colin Mochrie mode off


Rob Not Bob

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Twas an incredible time on Saturday. What a way to have a "last night in town party" for Erin. Remember when PassedOutGuy had at least on "last night in town party" a month?

Thanks to the Punk, Whelan, and Phred for agreeing to come out with their gear and talent on such short notice. You guys are all incredible.

Dr. Hux and the Punk are like a party in a bottle. It was an honour to jam 'er out with them.

I wish I had learned more of the 401 theme than the first 4 bars [Wink] Is there a book?

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Originally posted by Ms.Huxtable:

The knee slapping Gin & Juice was posted everywhere as Phish, The Dead and DMB but I think it was a clever ploy to get all the heads listening to it. Properly labelled it would be by The Gourds.

Thanks, Ms. H. I have it on an alt.country compilation CD that came with an issue of Uncut that I bought. I was listening to it at work for the first time, and then Gin And Juice comes on as the last track I just start killing myself laughing ... anyone in a nearby cubicle must have been wondering what the hell my problem was [big Grin]


Rob Not Bob

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