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Hmmmm, not sure about these pills?????


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I took them for a while after my wisdom teeth were extracted. Then I went straight to a treeplanting camp 2 days later with my face swollen and bruised from the surgery. Everyone I met just thought I had a giant, freakish face until a few weeks later when the swelling subsided. Plus, I couldn't eat properly for about 10 days. That's probably a good thing, because anything that got inside didn't come out for 3 WEEKS! ...nasty constipation. When it DID come out. it felt like I was giving birth to a frikken watermelon.

Very unpleasant.


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i feel like we were all part of an experiment today, piegin vs the pills

im glad it turned out good tho lol

see you at stefans dude, aka turras

stop turrassing me, thats sexiual turrassment

welcome to turrass-sic park [Wink]

im glad he doesnt have a computer lol

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"Tech" 3s or "Tylenol" 3s? I've never heard of the former, but have had the latter: they're (IIRC) extra-strength Tylenols with codeine (an opiate) added. My brother took them for a little while (for neck spasms; they're pain relievers and muscle relaxants), and I had them when I had my wisdom teeth out. They can lay your ass seriously out. I wouldn't take them without a prescription; YMMV.



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I used to take Tylenol 3s for migraines. With the ex gone, I don't need the T3s anymore. Funny, that. I've also had the occasional migraine that T3s don't affect significantly. *Those* are brutal.

Codeine isn't a pain killer, per se. What is does is dull your perception of the pain--the pain is still there; you just can't feel it.

It'll give ya weird dreams, or so I've been told. My dreams are usually weird, so I didn't notice a difference.

It's also, errrr, constipating. Increase your fibre and water intake.

Something I noticed is that it would take effect faster if I took it with a caffeinated beverage. Caffeine is added to the lower dosage T1s and T2s. Can't recall if it's in T3s--haven't had 'em in about five years. There are conflicting theories about the reason for adding caffeine--I can think of at least three.

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