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New Who album may appear next spring


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from www.billboard.com

Edited By Jonathan Cohen. November 11, 2004, 4:00 PM ET

New Who Album May Appear Next Spring

The Who's first studio album since 1982 may finally see the light of day next spring. According to guitarist Pete Townshend's official Web site, the set carries the provisional title "WHO2," perhaps a reference to the fact that he and vocalist Roger Daltrey are the lone surviving original members of the legendary rock act.

"Roger and I [will] meet in mid-December to play what we have written," Townshend says. "If we move ahead from there, we may have a CD ready to release in the spring. If the recording works out, we will tour with the usual band in the first half of 2005."

Townshend and Daltrey have been working in earnest on new material since 2002. In March, the pair released their first new songs in more than 20 years, "Real Good Looking Boy" and "Old Red Wine," on the Geffen compilation "Then and Now."

Townshend is at work on a variety of other projects, including an animated feature based on his short story "The Boy Who Heard Music." The artist has also begun writing his autobiography, which he intended to pen in chronological order but reconceived in the wake of his 2003 arrest on child pornography charges.

"My autobiography now offers me the chance to lay down my life story and place recent events in proper context," Townshend says. "I have had a long and lumbering life -- this book will take time."

Two theatrical concepts are also in the works, one involving British and North American theatrical productions of the rock opera "Quadrophenia" and the other regarding a "new musical spectacular for Las Vegas " with veteran Broadway director Des McAnuff.

-- Jason MacNeil, Toronto

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It still bothers me to some extent that they use the Who name - I realize the name is a company and a marketing tool. I'm interested in the prospect of a new album, but the real Who died when the guy used as my avatar passed away in his sleep in 1978.

Still, Townshend remains my biggest musical influence so I will buy the album regardless if Roger wrecks it or not. Pete's autobiography should be interesting, if not a thorough and dense read.

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