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I think that there is something about a band that is constantly changing their sound that makes it difficult for the fans. I found the same thing with The Rheostatics, The Slip, DJ Shadow, Medeski Martin and Wood...

You listen to these guys albums, but when you see 'em live, they've already moved on to new material, or changed the way they play the songs the way you are acustomed to. You get to hear new songs, that might take a while to grow on you.

But on the flip side, it's great that bands are pushing themselves to create new music, not rely on their past hits to keep 'em going... these bands refuse to let their live show be a "Greatest Hits" night. People say that Miles Davis could have played "Round Midnight" for the rest of his career; but he refused to play what the crowd wanted, he had his own evolving sound that never waned.

So I think you have to respect that the Bus for example are moving beyond a 'jam' sound, and toward another progressive rock direction. Some of the new songs took a long time to grow on me and I feel that people will 'get' their new sound as soon as they get familiar with their very anticipated CD " NO FLIES IN THE NO FLY"

That being said I'm looking forward to Friday Night's Bus Show in Toronto. If there are any heads in town that are thinking of heading to the show, let me know and I can make sure you have a place to crash after the show.


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