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buying stuff on e-bay.ca


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I've just registered myself on EBay.ca and I'm about to make a bid but I'm a bit sceptical so I thought I'd check in here.. If I am going to make a $4.50 US purchase of a cd that is coming from Los Angeles, how much can I expect to pay in taxes and shipping and charges, etc? Is it worth it? Thanks!

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Just make sure they don't use UPS! I'm serious Kev, no purchase you make from the USA should be shipped via UPS. If the seller wants to use it, do not buy from them. BOYCOT UPS!!!!

UPS charges an obscene handling fee ($50?) for having things brought through customs. You're not getting any deals is your shipping breaks the bank.

I've had things shipped through regular mail that are quite reasonable. It's better to buy something from a Canadian seller, but if you're buying from the US, keep it small and lightweight, don't be in a rush for it, don't use UPS and you should be okay.

Most sellers will tell you what it will cost to ship it to you before you bid as well. Shoot them an email.

Good luck!

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make sure that the seller is a good seller. Check the feedback and feedback rating. Look to see if they have any negative comments.

When shipping you can always ask seller if they would mark it as a gift. This might help it through cutstoms so you will not have to pay any taxes.

I use ebay way too much!

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