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Who's In Kingston


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Im in Kingston and Im just wondering if the shows at Scherzo (gtb tonight and jsb on saturday) are still going on, and if anyone is going to them.

Im looking forward to partying with all the crazy kids from this end of the woods. See ya tonight (I'll be wearing a brown and white wool hate with a pom-pom).

And to those going to Waterloo or Guelph, try to have fun.

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I'm going to be there... but ducking out for an couple hours for a hockey game.

But I think the film is at about 9:30... thats what Greg posted somewhere else....

See you all tonight.

ps. All us Kingston kids have to represent large the next couple weeks. There is so much music happening here in the next little while, and last year was dry, so come one come all, bring your friends bring your dogs. Make the music stay!!!

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the following is a haiku (which, by the way is punk's middle name!) reviewing my first Grand Theft Bus show. Please note, I might have written more but, reason, responsibility and maturity (otherwise known as kelly) had me vacate at a decent hour relatively untainted...

you can't help but move

get that full body nod on

new waitress?! oops wife...

that last bit has nothing to do with the show, but a lot to do with getting busted... [Razz]

i liked, wished i'd been able to get the whole show... bloody packed and whatnot...

no projector = no Head's Tale [Frown]

bummer, greg, you'll just have to come by again!

for more haiku's you can check this spammy place out:


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