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BOB DYLAN Gordon Field House RIT 11/13/04


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SAT NOV 13 2004 8PM

Start time 8:23PM

1. Maggie's Farm

2. It's All Over Now, Baby Blue

3. Lonesome Day Blues

4. Visions Of Johanna (acoustic)

5. Dignity

6. Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum

7. Po' Boy (acoustic)

8. High Water (For Charley Patton)

9. Girl Of The North Country (acoustic)

10. Stuck Inside Of Mobile With The Memphis Blues Again

11. Ballad Of Hollis Brown (acoustic)

12. Honest With Me

13. Standing In The Doorway

14. Summer Days

Encore: 15. Like A Rolling Stone

16. All Along The Watchtower

End time 10:10PM (Total time 1 hour and 47 minutes)

What a great show. Of the six Bob Dylan shows I have seen this year including this one (03/19/04, 03/20/04, 03/21/04, 06/11/04, 08/06/04) I would rank it second to the bonnaroo show in June.

The venue which is new and seats 8,000 people to my surprise was sold out. Forcing me to have to buy from scalpers, which is never my favorite thing to do, but it did get me on the floor which was General Admission.

Dylan started the show with one of my favorite openers "Maggie's Farm." The song always reminds me of before I was born with Dylan a the Newport Folk Festival opening his electric set to the disgust of the majority of the crowd. Though everytime I've seen it the crowd has been quite receptive, the times have changed.

After one of my all-time favorites "It's All Over Now, Baby Blue" and the great "Love And Theft" song "Lonesome Day Blues" the crowd got one of the first surprises of the night. "Visions Of Johanna" was performed for the second time in three nights. Dylan and his Band performed a beautiful rendition of this classic "Blonde On Blonde" song.

The next shock didn't take long with a rendition of "Dignity." It was a surprise because Bob performed it at his last concert on Thursday, and it's not often he performs this great song on back to back shows. Also during the lyric "Someone showed me a picture and I just laughed" Bob then went "HA!" which made himself smile and I smiled too.

After a performance of "Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum" a song I liked when it came out in 2001 but have grown tired of it (along with "Honest With Me" and "Summer Days"), was the third song of the night that blew my mind, "Po' Boy." Like "Tweedle Dee" it's another "Love And Theft" song, the difference is that I believe "Po' Boy" has only been performed a total of five times, unlike "Tweedle Dee" being played five times a month since 2001. That Bob performed "Po' Boy" made the two hour plus drive to the show and paying scapler prices worth every minute and penny.

Next song was the third song in a row off of "Love And Theft," "High Water (For Charley Patton)." I hadn't heard the song live in over a year and I forgot how much I love the song.

Next was a hybrid version of "Girl From The North Country" that I like, but not as much as the all acoustic versions that Bob used to do. Also a great version of "Stuck Inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues Again" a song that I never get sick of.

The final surprise of the night was "Ballad of Hollis Brown" a track from "The Times They Are A-Changin'" that I had never heard live before. Though Bob has been performing it with some regularity during this fall tour, the odds were still one in every four shows.

The rest of the set closed out with "Honest with Me," a nice version of "Standing in the Doorway" even though Dylan false started the first verse and the best version of "Summer Days" that I've heard this year. During Stu Kimball's guitar solo Bob was looking right at Stu and grinning from ear to ear.

The encore rounded out with classics "Like A Rolling Stone" and "All Along the Watchtower." Two greatest hits I never get sick of.

It was a wonderful night spent with the greatest songwriter in the history of popular music. And now I get to look forward 'till the next time I see Bob Dylan on stage.

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I forgot to mention one of my favorite parts of the Bob Dylan show in Rochester. During the introductions when Bob introduced George Recile he said "George is from Louisiana. He has a bunch of snakes. And when it rains he puts the snakes on his windshield. He calls them windshield vipers."

Then when he introduced Tony Garnier he said "Tony is so tough, when he shaves he uses a chainsaw."

I love it when Dylan tells jokes during the introductions. He doesn't ever say anything during the entire show, so when he speaks you can see the audience hanging on his every word, and those words are usually funny.

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