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OM Trio Announcment


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from: http://www.omtrio.com/


Dear Friends and Fans of OM Trio,

We’re writing to you to announce a few upcoming shows in December. After muchconsideration, the band has decided that these will be the final OM Trio shows for a long and indefinite period of time, possibly the final shows ever. This decision is based on financial circumstances that are largely out of our control. OM Trio has always taken pride in trying to do it on its own, independent of the usual forces that may cause a band to compromise its sound.

Unfortunately, time seems to be running out for us. We would love to be able to play our music forever, but the financial logistics of being on the road are simply preventing this. For those of you who are concerned and wanting a more detailed explanation, please contact us personally. We would love to hear from you.




We wish to send our sincerest thanks to all the people who’ve supported us throughout the past five years. None of this would have been possible without your help promoting, talking to friends, coming to the shows, and making us feel welcome in your hometowns. We never take you for granted and we’re eternally grateful. You guys made our world go ‘round. Special thanks go out to Lee Seelig and Brian Glick for their time.

We really can’t stress enough the importance of coming out to these next few shows. We hope to see many of you there –we owe you.

With gratitude,

Brian, Pete, and Ilya

OM Trio

November 2004


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I was hoping for a Concert Annoucement!

i feel bad for 'em, living life gig to gig isn't the easiest way 1/to make a living 2/to keep a relationship 3/to keep healthy 4/To stay friends with band mates

Bouche is right, there are still no shortage of bands; it's just that some of the good ones break up over time.

thanks for the good times.

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